Chem Lab Days

Professor Ingram with two students in lab

Visit us on campus

In the Department of Chemistry, we are dedicated to providing support for high school chemistry educators and students. Our outreach program invites Grade 11 and 12 chemistry classes to visit the University of Waterloo for Chem Lab Days.

Chem Lab Days can include a selection of the following events:

  • Choice of a hands-on chemistry lab that uses stoichiometry calculations and physical properties analysis: The Synthesis of Acetaminophen or Aluminum Recycling
  • Science faculty tour
  • Chemistry mini-lecture
  • Admissions information
  • Free time to explore campus (if requested)

Please contact if you would like to be waitlisted for our next offering of Chem Lab Days.

Contact us

For further information about our outreach program, special requests, or general inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at