Chemistry tutoring information and opportunities

Department of Chemistry tutor list

The Department of Chemistry maintains a list of graduate students who are willing to tutor students on a one-to-one basis. Students can contact tutors directly to arrange hourly rates and schedule meetings. The list is available for pick up in the Chemistry Office, C2-280.

Graduate students who would like to be included on the Chemistry tutor list can contact the Chemistry Office.

Tutor Connect

Tutor Connect is an online posting board where as a registered University of Waterloo student, you can post your tutoring services or search through tutor profiles to see all of the available tutors, their current academic year and their hourly rate.

University of Waterloo Residence Drop-in Chemistry Tutors

Dr. Rick Marta is accepting applications from undergraduate and graduate students for University of Waterloo Residence drop-in tutors for weekly sessions and test/exam preparation sessions for CHEM 120/120L/123/123L. For more information and the application, please see the University of Waterloo Residence Drop-in Tutoring application (accessible pdf).