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Offer your tutoring services or search for a Waterloo student tutor in Tutor Connect. Log in to Portal to start your search now or explore free tutoring services below. Please note your search results may be limited for the first few days until tutors have a chance to log in and update their profiles for the new term. 

Drop-in tutoring

Free drop-in tutoring is available each term on the main University of Waterloo campus for a variety of programs and courses. Students enrolled in any of the courses listed may attend for academic support.



Who can attend

Terms available

Drop-in tutoring in Residence

Drop by to get help with a specific question, find a quiet place to study, or just get extra practice. 

Tutors are upper-year undergraduate or graduate students from the associated faculties.

Any student enrolled in one of the listed courses.

Fall, Winter

Mathematics Tutoring Centre

We strive to help students make the transition to university-level mathematics.

Tutors are high-performing, enthusiastic, and eager undergraduate and graduate math students. They provide assistance on an individual basis to students in first and second-year math core courses.

Bring your course notes and your questions as they will give tips but will not solve problems FOR you. You can also use the space to study independently.

Any students enrolled in one of the listed courses.

Fall, Winter, Spring

Computer Science Consulting Centre

If you are taking first- or second-year CS courses and need some help, you can meet with an Instructional Support Assistant (ISA) or Instructional Apprentice (IA).

Bring your course notes and expect to get hints rather than solutions.

Any students enrolled in one of the listed courses.

Fall, Winter, Spring

First-Year Engineering Tutors Office Hours

Tutors provide assistance to first-year engineering students in specified courses, Monday to Friday:

  • Fall term hours - 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • Winter and spring term hours - 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
You can access tutors in person in E2 1786, or live on Microsoft Teams. Join the channel with code:dhgng6x

Any students in first year engineering programs supported by the First Year Office.*

*Students in Software Engineering, or Architecture should connect directly with your course TA or instructor for support.

Fall, Winter, Spring

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