Consulting Centre

Computer Science Consulting Centre (MC 4065)

If you are taking first or second-year CS courses and need some help, you can meet with an Instructional Support Assistant (ISA) or Instructional Apprentice (IA) in the CS Consulting Centre MC 4065.

To arrange a private tutoring appointment with course staff, please email the respective course email or instructor directly. Note that instructors will typically hold office hours in their offices.

ISA helping students in the CS Consulting Centre

Things to Remember

  • To get the most out of the Consulting Centre's resources, find times that are convenient for your schedule and avoid the peak times by starting your assignments early. Peak times are just before assignments are due.

  • Please bring your course notes with you so that your problem can be efficiently handled. Bringing your rough work will help the ISA/IA figure out what you're having difficulty with.
  • Once you've been given a hint to solve a problem, you should work on the problem alone until you either complete it or need more help. 
  • Don't expect complete solutions to problems since you won't learn that way.
  • Please don't use the Consulting Centre as a social club or a lunch room.
  • Please don't remove furniture from the Consulting Centre.

External Tutoring Services

The Student Life Centre has a bulletin board for private tutors to advertise their services. For more information, visit the Turnkey Desk in the Student Life Centre.

The Student Success Office also keeps track of all university approved tutoring services, including private tutors. 

ISA/IA Office Hour Schedules

Most courses will post their Office Hour schedules to LEARN or the platform that the course will use (e.g. edX). The following links take you to specific course websites. 

If you have any questions about the schedules, contact the course's email or course instructor.

Note: Courses that don't have offering terms listed are offered every term (W, S, F).