Instructor TA request form

About the Instructor TA request form

Please complete the following form if you have any special requests for TAs or have specific TA duties/expectations with the undergraduate courses you will be teaching for the next term.

For example, if you are teaching a 300 or a 400 level CS course that requires TAs with a specific background in the course topic area, then please indicate that here.

If you are teaching an ISG-supported course, then please inform your ISC if you have any special requests for Instructional Apprentices (IAs).

If you are teaching a graduate level course, that is not cross-listed with a 400 level course (e.g. CS634, CS798), please contact the Graduate Studies Manager or Director for TA approval.

Note that the CS TA Assignment Team does not have authority as to whether a TA is given a double or a single unit for the term. 

TA requests for Fall 2024

To have your TA requested considered during the Fall 2024 TA assignment process, this form must be submitted by June 28, 2024. Submissions made after may be considered lower priority and may not be accommodated as easily.

If you are supervising a grad student and would like to buyout their units, you may be looking for the TA supervisor buyout form. If have questions about their TA eligibility or units (single vs double), contact the CS Graduate Office Funding Coordinators to determine next steps. 

If you run into technical issues issues or have questions about the assignment process, check out our TA assignments section or contact the CS TA Assignment Team.

Instructor TA request form - Fall 2024

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