Instructional Support Assistants

An Instructional Support Assistant (ISA) is an undergraduate student usually working full-time for a four month term to fulfil the requirement for a co-op work term. Many of the ISAs for ISG are interested in teaching as a vocation but others have gone on to pursue graduate studies or industry professions.

Duties and expectations

ISAs report to their course ISC and are the main front-line contact for students. ISAs' duties include:

  • Attending one set of lectures per week
  • Attending and participating in weekly course staff meetings for feedback and planning
  • Assisting students in-person or virtually
  • Conducting tutorials and/or labs
  • Coordinating TAs and assignment marking
  • Developing model solutions, marking schemes, and concept-checks
  • Maintaining course webpages, discussion forums (e.g. Piazza), or LEARN courses
  • Marking assignments, midterms, and final exams
  • Proctoring midterms and final exams

Courses with ISAs

The following courses are all supported by ISG and will have ISAs employed based on termly enrolment. 

*CS 240E may not be offered depending on demand.

How to contact ISAs

To contact an ISA for course-related support, please email them through their course emails found on the course outline of your course. 

ISA Co-op Employment

Remote video URL
  • Staff
  • Instructors
  • Undergrads
  • Full time
  • Current students
  • Current undergraduate students
  • Mathematics