Sessional instructor support

Welcome to the Cheriton School of Computer Science (SCS) and congratulations on your position as a Sessional Instructor!

In order for your experience to be a positive, rewarding experience, we have outlined your primary tasks when teaching. Each course has been carefully developed by a team of faculty, instructors, instructional staff and sometimes students to provide what the SCS considers the most relevant and practical tools for students pursuing education in Computer Science at all levels.

Sessional instructor basics

As a sessional instructor, you have access to the CS faculty web page, using your UWDir account and password. Here you will find a lot of useful information as well as teaching guidelines. The last three sections linked below will be the best place to start.

Once you have a grasp on your expectations for the term, you are encouraged to peruse the other Instructor support sections where you can also find tips/suggestions for leading a course team, creating an inclusive learning environment, and dealing with special requests and situations. 

If you will be teaching a course supported by ISG specifically, our guidelines for instructors in ISG courses will show shortened list of responsibilities for you and who will be supporting you as an instructor for the term.

ISG-supported courses

100-level courses

  • CS 100
  • CS 105
  • CS 106
  • CS 114
  • CS 115
  • CS 116
  • CS 136
  • CS 136L
  • CS 137
  • CS 138
  • CS 145
  • CS 146

200-level courses

  • CS 200
  • CS 230
  • CS 231
  • CS 234
  • CS 240
  • CS 240E
  • CS 241
  • CS 241E
  • CS 245
  • CS 245E
  • CS 246
  • CS 246E
  • CS 247
  • CS 251
  • SE 212

300-level courses

  • CS 341
  • CS 343
  • CS 346
  • CS 348
  • CS 349
  • CS 350
  • Instructors
  • Staff
  • Current graduate students
Course meeting


If you have any questions please contact the Undergraduate Operations Coordinator or visit the ISC/Course Allocation to determine which ISC is responsible for sessional support.