Undergraduate Support

Supporting your learning

We at ISG coordinate faculty, student, and staff support for the following courses listed here.

These courses we support have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • large enrolments
  • more than one section
  • a portion of the final grade comes from a lab component
  • the labs are scheduled by the Registrar's Office
  • the course instructors change often.

To determine which courses are supported by which members of ISG, please visit our ISC/Course allocation page.

  • Undergrads
  • Current undergraduate students

ISG-supported course webpages

Course Webpage Title
CS 100 Introduction to Computer Usage
CS 105 Introduction to Computer Programming 1
CS 106 Introduction to Computer Programming 2
CS 114 Principles of Computing for Science
CS 115 Introduction to Computer Science 1
CS 116 Introduction to Computer Science 2
CS 135 Designing Functional Programs
CS 136 Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction
CS 136L Tools and Techniques for Software Development
CS 137 Programming Principles
CS 138 Functional Programming and Data Abstraction
CS 145 Design, Abstraction and Implementation
CS 146 Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction (Advanced)
CS 200 Concepts for Advanced Computer Usage
CS 230 Introduction to Computers and Computer Systems
CS 231 Algorithmic Problem Solving
CS 234 Data Types and Structures
CS 240 Data Structures and Data Management
CS 240E Data Structures and Data Management (Enriched)
CS 241 Foundations of Sequential Programs
CS 241E Foundations of Sequential Programs (Enriched)
CS 245 Logic and Computation
CS 245E Logic and Computation (Enriched)
CS 246 Object-Oriented Software Development
CS 246E Object-Oriented Software Development (Enriched)
CS 247 Software Abstraction and Specification
CS 251 Computer Organization and Design
CS 341 Algorithms
CS 343 Concurrent and Parallel Programming
CS 346 Application Development
CS 348 Introduction to Database Management
CS 349 User Interfaces
CS 350 Operating Systems
SE 212 Logic and Computation