ISA co-op employment

ISA employment

Each term, the Instructional Support Group (ISG) employs co-op students as Instructional Support Assistants (ISAs) to assist instructors with teaching CS courses.

All ISA positions are full-time at 35 hours per week for four months. Recruiting is done exclusively through the University's Co-operative Education.

Check out our recent feature by Co-operative Education to learn more about the impact that the ISG makes for its co-op students and how our co-op students are the backbone of our department.

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Why be an ISA?

As an ISA, you are the primary student contact for a course, serving as a consultant for course-related material and ensuring that the course runs smoothly. You also gain teaching experience by conducting office hours, and may also be asked to lead tutorials and supervise labs.

Students from all faculties, programs, and academic terms are welcome to apply for ISA positions. While technical advantages may be helpful, our ideal teaching team consists of a mix of people with different strengths especially for a multi-ISA course.

Hiring process and timing

ISG posts ISA positions from the first co-op cycle onwards. Interested co-op students should apply through WaterlooWorks and complete an Applicant Information Form (AIF). If there are no ISA positions on WaterlooWorks, this means there are no ISA positions available that term.

Students who have served as an ISA in a previous term and would like to return for a full-time co-op or a part-time position should contact the Undergraduate Studies Administrative Coordinator for available positions or their ISC directly.

Part-time ISA positions

Part-time ISA or undergraduate marker positions are restricted to students who have previously worked as a full-time ISA. Hiring to part-time positions is at the discretion of the Instructional Support Coordinator (ISC).

Students interested in similar part-time work may also consider applying for a Math Faculty teaching assistantship.

Hiring students outside of co-op programs

We are currently under a directive to hire only co-op students for all temporary positions on campus. ISG believes it is important to support the co-op program. Rarely, non-co-op students are considered for full-time employment if qualified co-op students are not found; a decision to accept such applications is made on an individual basis by the ISC for that course. These candidates will be interviewed and ranked together with the co-op students applying for the same job. Therefore, any non-co-op applicants must be aware of the timing of the hiring process as described above.

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