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  1. Jan. 18, 2023Peer support model makes a monumental impact
    Male student talking with his hands in front of laptop

    By: Matthew King (he/him)

    WE Accelerate team leads deliver value for first work-term students

  2. Dec. 22, 2022Warning about job scam targeting international students
    • Individuals, likely using false identification, are reportedly reaching out (via email and phone) to international students.
    • These scammers are promising to provide students with work-related credentials and pay stubs to meet program requirements for a fee ranging between $1,500 to $2,000.
    • Please protect yourself from scams.
  3. Dec. 13, 2022Dedicated Waterloo student wins Canadian Buildings National Student Scholarship
    Nadeine Metwali

    By: Maddie Savage (she/her)

    A prestigious scholarship is helping a Waterloo Architectural Engineering student to shape her career.

    Nadine Metwali received the first-place Canadian Buildings National Student Scholarship. Out of 587 students in the Canadian Buildings program, they selected her for the $3,500 award — which aims to identify students with high potential.

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  1. Feb. 2, 2023New York, San Francisco, where to next?
    A picture of Yuvika standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, wearing a UWaterloo Shirt.

    Yuvika Khardenavis, a fourth-year Computer Engineering student, shares her pursuit of travel through the exchange program and international co-ops.


  2. Jan. 26, 2023Working in the world of marketing, quality control and supply chain
    Abigail Ruhland in nature

    Hello! My name is Abigail Ruhland and I am a third-year Science and Business student. I am excited to share my co-op experience in marketing, quality and supply chain!

  3. Jan. 25, 2023The power of transferable skills in the workplace
    Image of Wilson Tong standing and smiling with his arms crossed


     What is your program?

    Include what year you are currently in. I am a third-year Public Health major, currently also completing a health informatics option and health research specialization.

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