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  1. June 6, 2024Students gain teaching experience supporting Waterloo Computer Science
    Three computer science students looking at notes together in a math building on campus

    By: Cameron Stirrup (he/him)

  2. May 16, 2024Shooting for the stars: Waterloo co-op student pursues dreams in the space industry
    Collage of three images, the CSA lobby, Lee standing at the CSA and a CSA employee testing equipment

    By: Krista Henry (she/her)

    Taking her shot at an out-of-this-world co-op job has led Waterloo Arts student Angelica Lee closer to her dreams of outer space.

  3. Apr. 16, 2024Global citizen and award recipient: Samantha Kremer
    Samantha Kremer with children in Uganda

    By: Micaela Kelly

    Samantha Kremer (she/her) values international co-op experiences and giving back to communities abroad.

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  1. June 13, 2024Decoding how to succeed in co-op
    Eric Bilaver, University of Waterloo co-op student, posing

    Eric Bilaver (he/him) is in his fourth year of Computer Engineering. He shares his experience building an app from scratch, developing self-confidence along the way and working on perfecting his application process.

  2. June 11, 2024Auditing adventures: co-op at KPMG
    A collage of University of Waterloo AFM student Nathan skiing, posing in a stadium and rock climbing

    Nathan Farquharson (he/him) is in his third year of Accounting and Financial Management (AFM), minoring in Economics and specializing in Business Analytics. He gives us a glimpse of working at one of the Big Four accounting firms and the importance of networking as a co-op student.

  3. June 6, 2024Mapping my way through co-op: problem solving in the workplace
    Ben Woodward taking a selfie

    Ben Woodward (he/him) is a fourth-year Geography and Environmental Management and Earth Sciences student. In this blog he shares his experience using geographic information systems (GIS) and web mapping work for various levels of government, a private company and his local museum.

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