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Benefits of experiencing a new culture

Do you dream about travelling and developing new skills? An international co-op experience can help you realize those dreams. Every year, more than 3,000 Waterloo co-op students travel to over 60 countries such as China, the United States, Germany and more! Here are some of our top reasons to consider a work abroad experience: 

  • Gain new skills: Develop key professional skills like adaptability, resilience, communication and collaboration by working in a new country.  
  • Competitive advantage: Build an international network of colleagues and mentors while differentiating your résumé with new global insights. 
  • Intercultural effectiveness: Learn to appreciate and navigate cultural differences to work effectively anywhere.
  • Discover new things about you: Broaden your horizons, discover new interests and learn how to thrive outside of your comfort zone.   
a globe with map pins on it3,000+work terms abroad in 60+ countrieseach year
an airplane U.S., China & Japanare the top destinations abroad for 2022 work terms
a suitcase icon 90%of students rate their international work term 8/10 or highersince 2018

Student spotlights

Hear from your fellow students about their experience, where they traveled, what they learned and how working abroad has impacted their life. 

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"I highly recommend striving to diversify your experiences in numerous ways, because you’re never going to get a chance to try something new short-term."


a map pin BOSTON, U.S.


"My biggest advice to any co-op student coming in to the co-op program is to do the thing that you are afraid of doing."


a map pin DUBAI, UAE

Souhail standing in Dubai in front of a plant