Finding jobs abroad

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Thinking about working abroad? 

Each year, thousands of students go abroad to work. It is an opportunity many students dream of, and through Waterloo’s co-op program it is possible! International job opportunities range from highly skilled technical positions to hands-on human-focused roles helping those in need. Opportunities include: 

  • Working for an organization in a country you want to visit.

  • Working for a Canadian company with international offices.

  • Working for a government or non-governmental organization (NGO).

  • Developing your research skills at an international research institute or university.

Deciding where to work 

Destinations such as France, Germany, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and South Korea are some of the popular locations our students visit. No matter what opportunity you choose, there are key questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What languages will I need to know or learn to work effectively?

  • Do I want to travel somewhere that is culturally familiar? 

  • How will this experience fit with my career goals? 

  • Do I need a visa or permit? 

  • Is the location safe for travel? 

Talk to your friends, family or co-op advisor for help on deciding on the right location for you. You can also set up a work search appointment through WaterlooWorks with the Centre for Career Development (CCD).

Explore our resources

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Work opportunities

Learn about job opportunities abroad, institutional partners, external organizations and things to keep in mind while job searching. 


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Working safely abroad

Understand the University's requirements for approved university-related travel and what you need to know when searching for jobs in specific countries. 


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Financial support

Looking to finance your work abroad adventure? There are scholarships, grants, financial aid and other funding opportunities that may be able to assist you.


See where students have worked

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Brandon Goh, a third-year Mechatronics Engineering student shares his co-op experiences that range from debugging financial applications to programming cutting-edge innovations, such as Tesla’s humanoid robot! Read about Brandon's time at Tesla.

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