Work term supports and consultations

Work term consultations

Throughout your work term, your assigned co-op advisor will be your primary point of contact for any questions or concerns you might have. 

If you’re in your first or second-to-last work term or if your employer hasn't previously hired a UWaterloo co-op student, your co-op advisor will contact you to schedule a consultation between weeks seven and twelve. These consultations are entirely confidential and are meant to help you make the most of your work term. 


Some topics that might come up during your consultation are:

  • Defining and achieving your learning objectives/goals for the work term
  • Discussion about the Future Talent Framework and the competencies you identified that you will focus on for the work term
  • Your upcoming performance evaluation 
  • What you've learned, how you've grown and where you can keep improving
  • Your short term and long term career plans
  • Information about the co-op program and best practices 
  • Tips for writing your résumé, preparing for interviews and networking opportunities 
  • Anything else you'd like to discuss with your co-op advisor

Your co-op student advisor will also meet with your supervisor during the work term consultation to get a sense of your performance and overall experience, as well as their overall experience as a co-op employer.

Remember: even if you don't have a scheduled consultation you can always reach out to your co-op advisor with any questions or concerns!