Mental health resources

Navigating the co-op process on top of school work and other life demands can be challenging.

Whatever you're experiencing, we're here to support you and are committed to helping you have the most positive experience possible. 

All of our co-op advisors have received mental health training through Counselling Services, and can provide support and direct you to other services on campus or in your region. 

Co-op embedded counsellors are available

  • The counsellors provide 1:1 mental health support to prepare students for upcoming work terms, and ongoing phone or ‘virtual’ support during work terms. Students on a recruiting term will also be provided support.
  • These counsellors understand the co-op program and are a great resource to help resolve challenging wellness-related situations.
  • Information that you share with the counsellors will not be shared with co-op advisors or other staff.

To book an appointment please call Counselling Services at 519-888-4096.

If you're studying or working on campus:

  • Reach out to your co-op advisor for directional support and/or information about other resources on campus.
  • Check out all of the resources available to you below. The Campus Wellness website is a great place to start as they offer counselling appointments (including co-op embedded counsellors), seminars/workshops, groups, online resources and information about other supports in your area (including Empower Me, a mental health and wellness service available to all UW students to connect with qualified counsellors, consultants, and life coaches for a variety of issues). 

If you're studying or working off campus: 

  • Reach out to your co-op advisor for directional support and/or information about resources in your current location.
  • Visit Waterloo's Campus Wellness: Off-Campus Supports webpage to learn about all the resources available to you (including the co-op embedded counsellors and Empower Me, a mental health and wellness service available to all UW students to connect with qualified counsellors, consultants, and life coaches for a variety of issues).
  • All Ontario post-secondary students have access to the following helplines:

Visit the resource links below to find a health care centre including a diversity of healthcare support located in your current province/territory.

Provinces/Territories Site link(s)
Ontario Ontario health centres
Alberta Alberta health centres
British Columbia British Columbia health centres

Manitoba health centres 

New Brunswick  New Brunswick health centres
Newfoundland & Labrador

 Newfoundland & Labrador health centres

Northwest Territories

 Northwest Territories health centres

Nova Scotia  Nova Scotia health centres
Nunavut  Nunavut health centres
Prince Edward Island  Prince Edward Island health centres

 Québec health centres

Saskatchewan Saskatchewan health centres 

Yukon health centres

If you're studying or working outside Canada: 

  • Access Empower Me, a mental health and wellness service that seeks to contribute to a resilient student community. You are able to access this service outside of Canada. For a list of contact numbers by country, visit the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) website and navigate to the FAQ link at the bottom of the page.
  • If your location is not on the list, please contact our co-op embedded counsellors who may be able help you find support services.

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Other resources available to you

Counselling Services: individual appointments Counselling Services and individual appointments are available at no charge to registered University of Waterloo students in classes or on co-op terms. All you have to do is head over to their offices located in Needles Hall North, 2nd Floor or call  519-888-4096.
Group therapy Counselling Services offers several group therapy options which can provide you with a supportive environment. Group therapy sessions are offered every term throughout the week.
Seminars and workshops Attending a seminar or workshop at Counselling Services can help you enhance your personal success by equipping you with strategies, tips and skills to help you cope with life's challenges.
Helplines Good2Talk is a post-secondary helpline that offers free, confidential counselling 24/7, 365 days a year. This helpline is available to all Ontario post-secondary students between ages 17-25.

Here 24/7 is a helpline that helps people in Waterloo Region access addictions, mental health and crisis services provided by 12 agencies across the Waterloo Wellington region. This helpline can help with intake, assessment, referral, crisis, and waitlist and appointment booking.

If you are looking for urgent help, please visits Campus Wellness: Urgent help and emergency contacts.

UW MATES MATES (Mentor Assistance Through Education and Support) is a one-to-one student peer support program offered by the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association in consultation with Campus Wellness.

UW Mates offer both one-on-one appointments and drop-in sessions!

Move Your Mind Move Your Mind is designed to help students gain the physical, mental and emotional health benefits of getting active. The program achieves this by eliminating any barriers that may prevent students from staying active and participating in recreational activities.
Events hosted by the Mental Health Team The Mental Health Team runs events including guest speakers, awareness campaigns, de-stress games, trivia nights, free yoga events, and seminars in residence. Students can find the Mental Health Team each week as they run events around campus.
Mental health training opportunities You can make a difference! Counselling Services offers a broad range of mental health training programs with the goal of raising campus mental health awareness, reducing mental health stigma, and supporting early intervention for those in need within the Waterloo community.
Sexual harassment and assault resources For access to services and resources available to Ontario workers experiencing sexual harassment and/or sexual assault in the workplace, visit the Sexual Harassment and Assault Resource (SHARE) Project's website. The goal of SHARE is to empower workers by providing them with free, confidential legal information and advice about the available options and community supports when they have experienced sexual harassment and/or assault at work.

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