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During your recruiting term, you'll be searching for jobs for your upcoming co-op work term. Jobs will be posted on WaterlooWorks according to the employment cycles listed on our important dates calendar, which contains dates related to job postings, applications, interviews and rank/match results. 

We know the job search process can be tough. On average, you can expect to spend 25+ hours securing employment each term on top of your academic commitments. Every job search experience will look a little different depending on your program, interests, goals and work experiences. It’s a good idea to use a variety of job search approaches to help you land a co-op job. To maximize your chances of landing a co-op job, it’s important to become familiar with the two main pathways to finding a co-op job:

  1. Applying to jobs on the WaterlooWorks Hire Waterloo Co-op job board and following our co-op employment process.
  2. Arranging your own job for co-op credit outside of the Hire Waterloo Co-op job board.

Not sure what jobs might be interesting to you? Book an appointment to chat with a co-op advisor to explore your career goals.

Searching for jobs in WaterlooWorks

In order to access jobs in WaterlooWorks, you must accept the terms and conditions and keep your job search intentions up to date throughout the term so we can provide you with the appropriate supports. Leveraging the five tips below can help you maximize your search for a job that aligns with your skills, interests and program.

To learn more about how to search for jobs using WaterlooWorks, visit the WaterlooWorks help: Search for jobs webpage.


Job searching is about trial and error! It's always best to start with a broad search and narrow your criteria as you go. If the results are too narrow in scope or if you're not seeing the results you were looking for, consider starting again and using a different search technique.

Five tips for finding great jobs in the WaterlooWorks 'Hire Waterloo Co-op job board'

Job searching outside of the Hire Waterloo Co-op job board

While the WaterlooWorks Hire Waterloo Co-op job board is a great tool to use in your job search, it’s not the only way to secure a co-op job. By using a combination of job search methods, you increase the likelihood of landing a co-op job. For more information, visit How to find your co-op job.

WaterlooWorks Other job board

The WaterlooWorks Other job board is a great resource for potential co-op jobs. This job board contains a variety of positions that could be eligible for co-op credit, but that might follow different hiring timelines. These jobs have been tagged as "Potential Co-op Opportunities," and can be found by using the quick search functionality (see below).

To search for potential co-op opportunities on the WaterlooWorks Other job board:

  • Login to your WaterlooWorks dashboard
  • Select “Hire Waterloo” on the navigation pane
  • Select “Other Jobs”
  • Select the "Potential Co-op Opportunity" quick search, or use the search techniques outlined above to filter by other criteria.

If you find a potential co-op job through the WaterlooWorks Other job board, follow the Arrange Own Job (AOJ) process to determine whether it is eligible for co-op credit. 

WaterlooWorks External Job Boards

You can find a list of external job boards by going to the “External Job Boards” menu in WaterlooWorks. Here you will find different job boards for co-op, full-time, summer, part-time jobs, and other jobs with recruitment timelines that fall outside the typical co-op recruitment cycle. These jobs have not been reviewed by the University but may be eligible for co-op credit.

If you find a job through one of these job boards, follow the application instructions and Arrange Own Job (AOJ) process to determine if the job is eligible for co-op credit.

Arranging your own job (AOJ)

Another option for securing your own co-op job is to use your network of professional contacts, family and friends or other job boards. To do so, you’ll need to follow the Arrange Own Job (AOJ) process. You can use this option even as you search for jobs on the WaterlooWorks Hire Waterloo Co-op job board. Please note that an Arrange Own Job must meet the Co-operative Education work term criteria for co-op credit.

Have questions or need support? Contact your advisor!

Whether you’re searching for jobs on WaterlooWorks, arranging your own job (AOJ), or a combination of the two, connect with your co-op advisor for advice about how to navigate the co-op process and make the most of your search.