Work term resources

Even when you're on a work term, we're here to support you! Check out the resources below to help you make the most of your work term experience.

To help you navigate through the changes and challenges you may be expriencing due to COVID-19, access the resources below for additional skills, knowledge and tips.

Connect with your co-op advisor

Once you've secured a job, you'll be assigned a co-op advisor who can help answer your questions and direct you toward additional supports.

Not sure who your advisor is, or how to get in touch? Visit the link below! 

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Connect with other students working in your region via Co-op Connection on Discord

If you're working in a new region, staying connected can help enrich your experience and make you feel at home. Meet other Waterloo students on the Co-op Connection Discord server. Introduce yourself, join meetups, or attend an event run by one of the co-op connection ambassadors.

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Access health, dental, travel coverage and legal protection through WUSA

Did you know that undergraduate students have access to health coverage, dental coverage, vision coveragetravel coveragelegal protection services and mental health resources through the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA)? 

Check out WUSA's website for a full list of services and resources available to you!

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Have a question about your responsibilities on a work term?

Visit our co-op roles and responsibilities page for more information on:

  • What you can expect from your work term, and what's expected of you
  • Signing employment agreements
  • Vacation days and overtime
  • Workplace safety and insurance
  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Workplace strikes
  • What's needed to graduate with a co-op degree designation
  • And more! 

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Take mandatory professional development (PD) courses

PD is an online program that helps students enhance their professional skills while completing their work terms. With courses focused on topics like project management, intercultural skills and ethical decision making, PD helps students develop new strengths and test their skills in their co-op workplaces.

Taking PD courses is mandatory for all co-op students, but you can choose what topics you’d like to take based on your interests and where you want to grow your skills.

PD courses are operated through a combination of full-time staff oversight and fellow co-op students, you are welcome to contact PD with any questions or concerns via course email addresses or the feedback form on the PD website.

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Book an appointment with the Centre for Career Development

Even when on a work term, you can still book appointments with the Centre for Career Development's (CCD) team of career advisors to discuss anything related to your professional development, including: 

  • How to figure out and develop your own career pathway
  • How to reflect on your skills and how to apply and refine them within your workplace
  • How to make the most of your work term by setting goals and learning outcomes

Visit the CCD’s website to book an appointment, come in for a drop-in or attend a workshop or event. Appointments are available to all students and alumni, and they are scheduled through WaterlooWorksCCD services are available in-person, via phone, or Skype.

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Access online career resources through CareerHub

For 24/7 access to career resources, visit CareerHub! You’ll find tons of information on how to make the most of your work term through topics like: 

  • Canadian workplace culture
  • Succeeding at work outside Canada
  • How to identify and solve problems at work
  • Professional development resources
  • Success at work activities

For access to these and other resources, visit the “Success at Work” section of CareerHub.

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Access mental health resources tailored for co-op students

Navigating the co-op process on top of school work and other life demands can be challenging. Whatever you're experiencing, we're here to support you and are committed to helping you have the most positive experience possible.

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Accessibility supports tailored for co-op students

Our accessibility resources page offers tips to help students with permanent, temporary or suspected disabilities search for work and navigate their work terms. 

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