Need help finding a job?

We know that searching for work can be hard, especially if it’s your first time around. Luckily, there are MANY ways to find a co-op job, and we’re here to help you every step of the way!

To help you navigate through the changes and challenges you may be experiencing due to COVID-19, access the resources below for additional skills, knowledge and tips. 

Contact your co-op advisor

Whether you're searching for work or on a work term, you'll be assigned a co-op advisor who can help answer your questions and direct you toward additional supports. Not sure who your co-op advisor is, or how to get in touch? Visit the link below! 

Attend appointments, workshops and drop-in sessions with the Centre for Career Development

The Centre for Career Development (CCD) has a team of career advisors who work with ALL students – co-op, regular, undergrad, grad, postdocs and even alumni – to help them achieve their career goals.

Meet with a career advisor to discuss anything related to your professional development, including:

  • How to figure out and develop your own career pathway
  • How to search for work in your field
  • How to market yourself on your résumé and cover letter
  • How to prepare for interviews (strategies and practice sessions)
  • How to harness the power of networking
  • How to prepare for graduate/professional school, if you’re considering further education
  • Tips for international students looking for work in Canada and abroad

Visit the CCD’s website to book an appointment, come in for a drop-in or attend a workshop/event.

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Attend professional development events and information sessions!

Network with employers, learn from professionals in your field and grow your skills with events and workshops offered each term!

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Access online supports and resources through CareerHub

For 24/7 access to career resources, visit CareerHub! You’ll find tons of information and activities to help you at any stage of your work search, including: 

  • Résumé and cover letter templates and tips
  • Interview support and scenarios
  • Advice on negotiating job offers
  • Tips for searching for work both inside Canada and internationally
  • Considerations for further education

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Learn about available funding opportunities to help employers cover the cost of hiring you!

Whether you’re arranging your own co-op job or using WaterlooWorks to find a position, it can be helpful to know about available sources of funding that may help employers cover the cost of hiring a student. This way, when you’re talking with potential employers or negotiating job offers, you can point them towards information that might make it easier and more cost-effective for them to hire YOU!

Visit our funding opportunities webpage to learn about some available sources of funding that can help (as a starting point) with your conversations with employers. Please be sure to do some research to ensure you have the most up-to-date information, and reach out to your co-op advisor if you have any questions about how to talk to employers about funding opportunities.

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Take courses through our Professional Development program

Waterloo Professional Development is an online program that helps students enhance their professional skills while completing work terms. With courses focused on topics like project management, intercultural skills, and ethical decision making, PD courses helps students develop new strengths and test their skills in their co-op workplaces.

PD1: Career Fundamentals is the first compulsory PD course taken by co-op students in Arts, Environment, Health, Mathematics, and Science. PD1 gives students the tools they need to find their first job, develop core career skills, and succeed in the workplace.

Taking PD courses is mandatory for all co-op students, but you can choose what topics you’d like to take based on your interests and where you want to grow your skills.

For more information about the PD courses, visit PD website!

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International student supports

We know that co-op can be challenging, especially if it's your first time looking for work in Canada. Visit our page designed for international visa students to access tips and resources to help you through the co-op process.

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Have a question about your responsibilities while searching for work?

Visit our co-op roles and responsibilities page for more information on topics like:

  • What's expected of you when using WaterlooWorks to search, apply and interview for jobs
  • What's required to make a co-op job eligible for co-op credit
  • How to change your study/work sequence
  • What's needed to graduate with a co-op degree designation

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Access mental health resources tailored for co-op students

Navigating the co-op process on top of school work and other life demands can be challenging. Whatever you're experiencing, we're here to support you and are committed to helping you have the most positive experience possible.

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Accessibility supports tailored for co-op students

Our accessibility resources page offers tips to help students with permanent, temporary or suspected disabilities search for work and navigate their work terms. 

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Access health, dental, travel coverage and legal protection through WUSA

Did you know that undergraduate students have access to health coverage, dental coverage, vision coveragetravel coveragelegal protection services and mental health resources through the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA)? 

Check out WUSA's website for a full list of services and resources available to you!

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Download a “Letter of Introduction” to help explain Waterloo’s co-op program to employers

Did you know that Co-operative Education has branded “Letters of Introduction” available to help students introduce employers to Waterloo’s co-op program and the many benefits of hiring a student?

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