Accessibility supports and resources

Co-operative Education works diligently to promote an accessible co-op employment process that celebrates the diversity of skills, experiences, and accessibility requirements of all students. 


Co-op accessibility

Co-operative Education is dedicated to helping you navigate co-op supports and resources. On this page you’ll find a mix of educational, skill-building, advocacy and networking resources. These resources are designed to support any disability requirements you require in employment and to instill confidence during job applications, interviews and at work.

Upcoming accessibility events

Find information about upcoming events with industry leaders, corporate partners, and colleagues united in supporting disability in employment.

Register online for upcoming networking and professional events that are not co-ordinated by Co-operative and Experiential Education. Be sure to check this calendar regularly for upcoming events of interest, as registrations may fill up quickly.

Questions, concerns or feedback about accessibility and co-op? 

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