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Stories from students in your faculty

Find out about real co-op experiences from students in your faculty and the companies they worked for. You can visit our blog page to see all our student blogs. 

"Fresh perspectives and co-op students themselves can come into a workplace and make valuable change."



Louise De Andrade

"If you don’t find a co-op position that is related to your degree, don’t let that impact your decision on choosing it."



Tips from award-winning Waterloo co-op students

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Co-op blogs from students working abroad

Interested in working abroad? You can learn more about the experiences of working abroad from these students' blogs. You can go to international co-op experience to read more stories from students working outside of Canada.


Navigating German culture on co-op

Prakriti, a fourth-year biology student doing a specialization in molecular genetics, shares her co-op adventure going overseas.  

Maya Morton Ninomiya

Contributing to Indigenous health internationally

Maya Morton Ninomiya, a fourth-year Health student, discusses her experience working in Australia.

Souhail Aboulhoda

Bringing Lynk Global to the Middle Eastern market

Souhail Aboulhoda, a third-year international student in Honours Science and Business, shares his various co-op experiences! 

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