WaterlooWorks help

WaterlooWorks Help

WaterlooWorks is our online system designed to guide students and employers through the co-op process. Login to find a job, schedule interviews and connect with your co-op advisor.

If you need help navigating WaterlooWorks, click on the buttons below or contact CEE Hub in the event of any technical issues.

Information for: How to topics:
• Verify your information on WaterlooWorks
• Accept the terms and conditions and submit your intentions
• Connect with your co-op advisor
• Understand WaterlooWorks key terms
• Understand your student status in WaterlooWorks
• Complete your skills profile
• Submit/edit forms on WaterlooWorks
• Access various WaterlooWorks job boards
• Search for jobs using WaterlooWorks
• Search for jobs using NOC codes
• View job postings
• Build a shortlist of jobs within WaterlooWorks
• Add/view jobs on your "Not Interested" list
• Upload application documents
• Submit and edit applications on WaterlooWorks
• Keep track of your job application count
• View and manage your applications
• Understand your job status and application status

• Check for upcoming interviews
• Select or change an interview time slot
• Understand various interview types in WaterlooWorks
• Attend interviews using the WaterlooWorks Integrated Webcam feature

• View and save your rankings
• View your match results
• Update your work term details, contact information and eCheckin form 
• Use the "work term recap" feature (including "Rate My Work Term")
• Enter comments on your Student Performance Evaluation
• Help your employer submit your performance evaluation

<--break->Technical issues

In the event of a technical issue with WaterlooWorks, try the following: 

  • First, use Google Chrome as the system operates best on this platform
  • If you’re already using Chrome, try restarting your browser
  • If a browser restart doesn’t work, try clearing your cache and restart again
  • If all else fails, try restarting your computer 

If you've tried the above and are still having issues, contact CEE Hub by email (ceehub@uwaterloo.ca) or phone (519-888-4026) from Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:30 p.m. (EST).