As a co-op student, you will receive academic credit for your work terms based on how your performance is evaluated by your employer at the end of your work term.

As we navigate through the global COVID-19 pandemic together, we recognize the demand for key transferable skills that are critical in today’s economy. Your co-op work terms are a great opportunity to adopt a lifelong learning mindset by focusing on the development of targeted competencies that are key to future career success. To assist you in identifying these competencies, the University of Waterloo has developed the Future Ready Talent Framework (FRTF), consisting of four talent clusters, that contain three competencies each. The Student Performance Evaluation reflects this.

The Student Performance Evaluation

The Student Performance Evaluation was designed through a future-oriented lens to provide better clarity as you focus on developing these competencies over the course of your work term. These competencies will focus on the top three areas of strength and top three areas for development.

To make the most of the Student Performance Evaluation, we recommend using the following approach:

1) Schedule a pre-evaluation/review of the Student Performance Evaluation and define expectations

At the start of your work term, it is recommended that you meet with your employer to ensure you have a clear understanding of what is expected of you. During this meeting, you and your employer are encouraged to take the time to review the Student Performance Evaluation. You can explore each of the 12 competencies and set goals for skill development based on the expectations of your role. 

2) Arrange an informal mid-term evaluation/check-in to help you with your competency development

You may choose to discuss your performance BEFORE the end of your co-op work term by asking your employer to conduct an informal mid-term evaluation. These early conversations can be helpful to identify your current progress in terms of competency development. Here you may receive insight into which areas you may want to focus on further developing before the end of your work term. 

Note: Mid-term evaluations are for reflection purposes and will not be recorded on WaterlooWorks. 

3) Conduct a formal end of term evaluation (Required)

To receive co-op credit, you must receive an evaluation of marginal or better on each of your individual work terms. Ideally, this should be submitted by your employer by the end of the work term. To learn more about the Student Performance Evaluation requirements, please visit the co-op roles and responsibilities webpage.

We’ll reach out and send multiple reminders to the contact listed on your "Work Term Record" (your "Work Term Record" can be found on the bottom right side of the WaterlooWorks dashboard) to conduct a Student Performance Evaluation during the fourth month of your work term. As a co-op student, it is your responsibility to ensure your employer completes and submits this within the appropriate time frame. It is best if you can remind your employer to submit your Student Performance Evaluation BEFORE you leave the work term. If you have any questions about working with your employer to complete your Student Performance Evaluation, please reach out to your co-op advisor. 

Student Performance Evaluation  - Effective January 31, 2021

Please download the form to your device and open/fill it using Adobe Acrobat.

Why is the Student Performance Evaluation important to you?

With the future of work in mind, the Student Performance Evaluation offers both present and future value for each of our stakeholders.

If you have questions about completing your Student Performance Evaluation, please contact your co-op advisor.