You receive academic credit for your work terms based on how your performance is evaluated by your employer at the end of your work term.

To receive co-op credit, you must receive an evaluation of marginal or better on each of your individual work terms. Ideally, this should be submitted by your employer by the end of your work term or by the end of the next semester following your work term at the very latest. For more information on your Student Performance Evaluation requirements, visit the co-op roles and responsibilities.

We’ll reach out and send multiple reminders to the contact listed on your "Work Term Record" (your "Work Term Record" is located on the bottom right side of your WaterlooWorks dashboard) to conduct a Student Performance Evaluation during the fourth month of your work term, but it is your responsibility to ensure they complete and submit this within the appropriate time frame. It is best to remind your employer to submit your Student Performance Evaluation BEFORE you leave the work term. If you have questions about working with your employer to complete your Student Performance Evaluation, please reach out to your co-op advisor.

If you would like to discuss your performance BEFORE the end of your co-op work term, ask your employer to conduct an informal mid-term evaluation. These early conversations can be helpful to see what areas can be improved upon by the end of the term.

Note: Mid-term evaluations will not be recorded on WaterlooWorks.

Submitting Student Performance Evaluation forms

Student Performance Evaluation forms are submitted by your supervisor via WaterlooWorks. If you or your employer would like to download or print a copy of the evaluation form, you can use the links below: 

For instructions on how to submit forms in WaterlooWorks, visit WaterlooWorks Help

To help your employer submit your performance evaluation form, visit WaterlooWorks Help

To review and add comments to your form, visit this page

If you have questions about completing your Student Performance Evaluation, contact your co-op advisor.