Work term reflections and reports


Reflection on work terms, completed through major reflective reports (MRR) or work term reports are required components of your co-op degree designation. The ability to communicate well in writing, whether composing a strong analytical report or expressing reflections on your work term experience, is a valuable transferable skill that will benefit you in any workplace.

All co-op students complete MRRs as part of Professional Development (PD) course requirements. For students in Arts, Environment, Health, Math, and Science, the MRR fulfills the reflection requirement of your co-op degree designation. This also applies to some Engineering programs, while other Engineering programs require work term reports to meet program requirements. Work term reports are submitted to your faculty or program for grading.

Please visit the undergraduate academic calendar or graduate studies calendar to learn about the requirements for your program or contact your faculty/program's academic advisor for assistance.

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