Request for Academic/Work Term Sequence Change

You may request consideration for a change to your co-op academic/work term sequence. Complete the appropriate form (general or faculty-specific) and submit as directed.

red exclamation mark Please download the PDF form to your device and open/fill it using Adobe Acrobat. 


  • Sequence change requests must still allow you to meet your program's academic requirements. Please consult with your academic advisor to ensure the proposed change is possible prior to submitting the sequence change form. Reviewing the Undergraduate Calendar and schedule of classes for your program are helpful tools for checking academic requirements and plotting out your future terms.
  • Students requesting a work term longer than eight months must: 
    • Be in good academic standing
    • Be enrolled in a full-time course load prior to the work term
    • Have earned at least one COOP course credit
    • Be before their 4A term
    • Have enough remaining work terms to accommodate the longer work term without adding additional work terms. Typically, 12–16-month work term will replace future work terms in a sequence.
  • Requests to extend a first work term to 12 or 16 months will not normally be considered
  • Previous unemployed work terms will not normally be moved forward to facilitate a longer work term
  • Submit the completed form to your academic advisor who will then forward your signed request to Co-operative Education (CE) for final decision. Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • While primarily worded for undergraduate students, co-op graduate students must also use this form and follow the same process.
    • Note: Graduate students in the Faculty of Mathematics must submit the Request for Study/Work Term Sequence Change for Graduate Mathematics Students form.
  • Make sure your submitted form is complete. Forms missing information, including your signature and the date, will be denied.
  • Normal processing time is two weeks. Your request may also be subject to further review.