Request for Academic/Work Term Sequence Change

You may request consideration for a change to your co-op academic/work term sequence. Complete the appropriate form (general or faculty-specific) and submit as directed.

red exclamation mark Please download the PDF form to your device and open/fill it using Adobe Acrobat. 


  • Submit the completed form to your academic advisor who will then forward your signed request to Co-operative Education (CE) for final decision.
  • While primarily worded for undergraduate students, co-op graduate students must also use this form and follow the same process.
    • Note: Graduate students in the Faculty of Mathematics must submit the Request for Study/Work Term Sequence Change for Graduate Mathematics Students form.
  • Make sure your submitted form is complete. Forms missing information, including your signature and the date, will be denied.
  • Normal processing time is two weeks. Your request may also be subject to further review.