Visas/permits outside of Canada and the U.S.

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Each country requires its own visas/permits to work within their country. If you will be working outside of North America for your work abroad term, you can find the visa/permit information for your work abroad experience by booking an appointment with that country’s local embassy or consulate. They can provide you with the type of visa/permit you will require and details about how long the application process will take.

Please note: Ensure that you have the necessary documentation required by your work abroad destination. We cannot provide immigration advice or arrange documentation on your behalf. Connect with your employer and/or the employment country to obtain documentation. If you cannot obtain the necessary documentation, you must find an alternate co-op opportunity.  

Our team can provide a ‘Letter of Support’ if needed as part of the visa/permit process. This can be requested by:

  • Visiting WaterlooWorks and selecting "Submit a form"
  • Select from category: International
  • Select subcategory: Letter of support – various requirements for work terms outside of Canada and USA (5029).

Top 10 work abroad locations for Waterloo co-op students

Below is a list of countries that have provided valuable co-op experiences to our students and their consulate contact information. Please visit their websites for the most current and accurate information. 


Find the location of a consular office or embassy in Canada for the country you will be working in.