After you've secured employment

After a job match

Congratulations – the search is over! 

Now that you’ve officially secured employment, your new work term information will appear on your WaterlooWorks dashboard in a new section called “Hire Waterloo Co-op.” Here, you’ll find a link to your “Work Term Record,” which contains details such as your title, job location and employer contact information.

Once employed, you’ll also find the name of your upcoming co-op advisor listed next to WTS for “Work Term Support” under "Work Term Record" (your "Work Term Record" is located on the bottom right side of your WaterlooWorks dashboard). This advisor may have experience working with your employer and can answer any location-specific questions you may have, such as housing and transportation options. 

Next steps

  • Contact your employer immediately to confirm your employment arrangements (their contact information will be available on your Work Term Record in WaterlooWorks). Some things to ask your employer about:

    • Start date and end date
    • Hours of employment
    • Who you report to
    • Salary
    • Anything you can do to prepare
    • Any forms they need you to complete (Some employers require a Proof of Enrolment Request. Get yours via The Centre!)
  • If you found employment through WaterlooWorks, disregard any upcoming interviews – we’ll take care of removing these for you and will try to find alternate candidates to take your place.
  • Ensure your contact information is up-to-date in WaterlooWorks in case your employer needs to reach you.
  • Start thinking about your goals and how to make the most of your work term.
  • Stay tuned: your new co-op advisor will reach out to you within the first few weeks of your work term! 

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Questions about your recent match?

Remember that you’re obligated to honour any matches for jobs you applied to in WaterlooWorks.

If you have questions about your new job, connect with your upcoming co-op advisor by clicking the “Send a message to advisor” button at the bottom right of your WaterlooWorks dashboard. You can also give them a call and/or leave a message at the extension listed next to “WTS.”

If something feels suspicious about your new job, check out this resource on how to protect yourself from potential job posting scams.

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Need a signature on your offer package? Visit a notary on campus! 

If you receive an offer package from a co-op employer and require a notary’s signature, we offer this service for free in the Tatham Centre! Please note that this service is for co-op work term contracts only, and that we cannot notarize forms for tax purposes.

Note: If you need any forms notarized for full-time jobs or tax purposes, we can give you the name of a notary in town who is certified to notarize these documents for a fee.

Contact our notaries via email at to request an appointment in TC 1103. Please note that appointments must be confirmed by the Notary by 4:00 p.m. on the day before your appointment.

Term Available dates Appointment blocks
Winter term March 1 - April 15 Monday:
  • 1:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • 9:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.
  • 1:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Spring term July 1 - August 15
Fall term November 6 - December 15

Once your notary appointment has been confirmed, please bring ALL the following documents with you or we will not be able to notarize your document:

  • All required forms/documents;
  • Original copies of any forms/documents – completed but not signed or dated;
    • Note: Please use your current address, not your permanent address
  • One copy of all forms/documents that you’ll need verified or certified;
  • Personal identification – originals and photocopies (front and back) of your WatCard as well as 1-2 pieces of current government-issued photo ID; and
  • Any other documents as specified on your specific form.

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What if I haven't found a co-op job yet?

Don't worry - you likely have more time than you think!

The last day to secure employment for your upcoming work term is actually 12 weeks before your work term ends, which means you can keep searching up until four weeks into your work term, if necessary! This gives you plenty of time to take advantage of the various application/interview cycles in the WaterlooWorks co-op employment process or to work towards arranging your own job.

Visit our important dates calendar to learn more about our WaterlooWorks application/interview cycles and specific dates related to your work term.

Other tips: 

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