Co-op roles and responsibilities

Co-op rights and responsibilities

This page outlines the roles and responsibilities put in place for the University of Waterloo, Waterloo co-op employers and students in relation to the University’s co-operative education program.

If you have any questions about what's expected of you, please contact your co-op advisor.


Roles and responsibilities: Co-op students

As a Waterloo co-op student, we expect you to conduct yourself in a professional and ethical manner in all aspects of your participation in your co-op program. We want to clearly  outline our expectations of you as a student, share the supports that we have in place for you, and other important information to help you increase your success throughout the co-op process.

We expect the same of all students regardless of whether you find a job on WaterlooWorks or you arrange your own job. These are just two different pathways through the co-op employment process.

The University of Waterloo reserves the right to take appropriate action in instances where students do not adhere to these expectations or engage in unprofessional conduct during the co-op process. In some cases, this could include reduced access to the WaterlooWorks co-op Full-Cycle Service job board, a delay in graduation, or removal from the co-op program.



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