Co-op roles and responsibilities

Co-op rights and responsibilities

This page outlines the roles and responsibilities put in place for the University of Waterloo, Waterloo co-op employers and students in relation to the University’s co-operative education program. This information was last updated in August 2020.

If you have any questions about what's expected of you, please contact your co-op advisor.

Roles and responsibilities: Co-op students

General On a recruiting term On a work term

General roles and responsibilities

Graduate co-op students

Co-op eligibility

Co-op designation requirements

Accepting the WaterlooWorks terms and conditions

Study and work term sequencing

Inter-faculty transfer of credits

Work term requirements

Independent contractor positions

Unpaid or underpaid co-op work terms

Co-op Research Certificate

Academic integrity on your study and work terms

Falsification of documents and credentials

Grievances and petitions

OSAP and co-op

Student statuses in WaterlooWorks


Submitting your job search intentions on WaterlooWorks

Checking your information on WaterlooWorks

Applying for jobs on WaterlooWorks

Work term length: four vs. eight months

Citizenship requirements for Government of Canada jobs

Conducting a combined search

Interviewing for jobs on WaterlooWorks

Request for interview relief

Request to withdraw applications (RWA)

Ranking jobs in WaterlooWorks

Job offers and matches via WaterlooWorks

Cancelled job in WaterlooWorks

Arranging your own job outside of WaterlooWorks

Work terms abroad (USA and international)

Work term employment agreements

Leaving a work term early

Payment, vacation days and overtime

Income tax

Non-compete agreements

Intellectual property

Legal action against employer

Work term requirements to earn a co-op designation:

Workplace safety

Workplace insurance

Medical insurance

Record of employment

Harassment and discrimination


Roles and responsibilities: University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo

Co-op accreditation

What Co-operative Education will do


Feasibility studies

University closures

 Roles and responsibilities: Employers



Job descriptions

Interview process

Offer process (ranking)

Work term

Exiting a work term