If you're looking for jobs while on the Full-Cycle Service job board while on exchange or working off-campus, you could still be able to apply and interview through WaterlooWorks! Review the criteria and complete the steps below to receive off-campus support. 

You are eligible for off-campus support if any of the following scenarios apply: 

  • You're looking for jobs while on a work term (if you have two work terms back-to-back)
  • You're looking for jobs while on academic exchange before your next work term
  • You're looking for jobs while studying in Rome as a 4A Architecture student before your next work term

If you are away from campus for any other reasons than those listed above (e.g., personal/health reasons), contact your co-op advisor to discuss your options. If you will be away for a short period of time during interview season, follow the interview conflict process.

Remember: even when you're off-campus, the same expectations around co-op apply. As a co-op student, we expect you to follow the steps below and abide by our co-op roles and responsibilities throughout your search.

If you meet the criteria above, complete these steps to search, apply and interview for jobs in WaterlooWorks:


Other important information for interviews

Please click below for additional important information and resources that you may need to know for interviews.