Instructions for attending co-op interviews

Instructions for attending various types of co-op interviews 

Type of Interview Instructions
In-person INDIVIDUAL interview at the Tatham Centre
  • Arrive at least ten minutes before your scheduled interview time.
  • Find a seat in the waiting area (ground level).
  • Watch for your name to appear on the overhead monitors.
  • When your name appears, report to the Paging Desk.
    • Important: We need to know you showed up for the interview! If you don’t check in when your name appears, we won’t know you attended and will mark you down as a missed interview.
  • After checking in at the Paging Desk, proceed to the interview room.
  • To prevent theft, we advise you to keep all of your personal belongings with you at all times.
In-person GROUP interview at the Tatham Centre
  • If you have a group interview, your name will not appear on the overhead monitors for group interviews.
  • Go to the interview room directly five minutes before the group interview.
  • To prevent theft, we advise you to keep all of your personal belongings with you at all times.
Phone or webcam interview
  • Phone/webcam interviews typically take place on-campus at one of the Tatham Centre’s four call centres.
  • Check WaterlooWorks after 4:30 p.m. the day before your interview to confirm your interview time and location.
  • Your interview location will be in one of our four colour-coded call centres, listed in the following format: [Colour-coded call centre] — [Building] — [Room number].
    • GREEN — lower level
    • BLUE/RED/YELLOW — second level
  • On the day of your interview, go straight to your assigned call centre location to check in at least ten minutes before your interview time.
    • DO NOT wait in the main floor in-person waiting area – your name will NOT appear on the TV monitors if you have a phone/webcam interview.
  • When your interview is complete, check out with the call centre attendant before you leave.
  • To prevent theft, we advise you to keep all of your personal belongings with you at all times.
"Message Only" interview (employers will contact you directly)
  • When you see a "Message Only" interview type on WaterlooWorks, this means that an employer has chosen to conduct their interviews outside of the typical WaterlooWorks interview process, which is perfectly okay! 
  • In this case, employers will contact students directly via email or phone to arrange an interview time, so keep an eye on your UWaterloo email address or any other addresses included with your application package.
Off-campus interviews
  • In most cases, employers will indicate on their job description if interviews will be conducted at their office/off-campus, so please be sure to read the interview location details carefully before applying and plan accordingly. 
  • In other cases, an employer might not publish this information until they select their candidates, so check your WaterlooWorks dashboard often as we expect you to attend all interviews regardless of the location. 
  • In some cases, last-minute circumstances might cause an employer to change the location of their interviews. In this situation:
    • Follow the instructions listed on WaterlooWorks to attend your off-campus interview.
    • If you have questions, use the "Send a Message" button on your WaterlooWorks dashboard and select "Interviews" to be directed to a representative.
If you are unable to attend an interview that was scheduled outside of WaterlooWorks:
  • If you are unable to attend an off-campus interview for a job posted in WaterlooWorks, follow our interview conflict process and submit an Interview Conflict Form as soon as possible. If the interview location was clearly stated in the job description, we’ll still expect you to attend; if not, we’ll work with you and the employer to make alternate arrangements.
  • In the case that you have a conflict with an interview that was posted and scheduled outside of WaterlooWorks, you are expected to connect with that employer directly to resolve your conflict.