Our mission & vision

Our mission & vision

Mission of Co-operative Education

Inspire Waterloo students to connect to the possibilities in a continuously changing world of work; enable them to bridge their academic and workplace knowledge; challenge them to learn, grow, and contribute wherever they go.

To accomplish our mission, in partnership with students, employers, faculty, and staff, we:

  • Facilitate, through a competitive employment process, access to meaningful work opportunities related to students’ academic studies and their aspirations.
  • Open doors to diverse employment opportunities in Canada and internationally and draw employers to Waterloo’s rich talent pool.
  • Support students in acquiring, reinforcing, and enhancing the capabilities essential in a knowledge-driven economy and borderless workplace.

Vision of Co-operative Education

Demonstrate innovative, global leadership in co-operative education and career development, and position Waterloo as a top choice for students and employers.

We move closer to our vision when we:

  • Collaborate with our partners to shape and promote Waterloo’s thought leadership and best practices.
  • Enhance and extend our services and capabilities to support the University’s goals in Canada and internationally.
  • Foster a dynamic learning environment across all facets of CEE that sparks and celebrates new ideas and provides opportunities for all who work here to make a positive difference.