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The safety and security of our co-op students is our top priority. That’s why the University has specific requirements that must be met before any university-related travel can be approved – including co-op work terms. Before planning your work abroad opportunity, please review all relevant travel advisories for countries you are interested in. 

Travel advisories

The Government of Canada provides all the most up to date potential security risks and travel advisories. It is necessary for you to review and understand if your potential work term is eligible for credit. Here are some points to note: 

  • Locations at a "Level 1 - Exercise Normal Security Precautions", or "Level 2 - Exercise a High Degree of Caution" can normally be approved for co-op credit. However, please regularly review the Government of Canada travel report for your destination to ensure you are well informed.  

  • Locations at a "Level 3 - Avoid Non-Essential Travel" or "Level 4 - Avoid All Travel" are deemed high-risk and not eligible for co-op credit. If you’re an international student and are planning to work from home at a high-risk location and would like to request an accommodation, please contact your co-op advisor about the petition process.

  • Important Note: If the risk level for your work term location becomes high risk after your work term begins, your eligibility for co-op credit may be rescinded, even if approved initially. Please contact your co-op advisor immediately should this situation occur.

Register with your national consulate 

Once you arrive at your work abroad location, register with the consulate of the country that issued your passport. For example, if you have a Canadian passport, register with the local Canadian consulate. This enables the consular officials to contact you in case of emergencies at your location, or in case of a family emergency at home.   

Please consult the Government of Canada website for more information about travel abroad, including travel reports and warnings. 

COVID-19 and travel 

Keep up to date with the University’s information and policies on COVID-19. COVID-19 is ever-changing, be informed before leaving for your work abroad.