Safety abroad

Airplane in sky

The safety and security of University of Waterloo students, staff, and faculty when travelling abroad is a priority of Waterloo International. The process for international travel is slightly different now than before the pandemic began. We want to make sure that any University-related travel undertaken is safe, and that students, staff and faculty have support where it is needed.

If you are fully vaccinated and you can meet certain travel safety requirements, you may resume international travel for University of Waterloo related business, research, work terms, study, and co-curricular activities. There are three steps you must complete to meet the University’s travel safety requirements: obtaining approval, registering travel, and completing pre-departure and travel risk mitigation activities.

Before planning travel please review the Government of Canada travel advice and advisories to determine the advisory level for your destination. If you are a student, you must receive approval from your Approving Authority for all travel to destinations identified as Level 1 (Exercise normal security precautions) or Level 2 (Exercise a high degree of caution).