Safety abroad

Person holding a safety pamphlet by an airplane window

Waterloo International supports students, staff and faculty travelling internationally through Safety Abroad. They help you prepare effectively for international travel and to assist you as you move around the world on university-sanctioned activities and business.

If you meet the travel safety requirements, you may embark on international travel for business, research, work terms, study, and co-curricular activities. All campus members are required to complete the international travel process to meet the University’s travel safety requirements.

Determine the advisory level of your destination

Before planning travel, refer to the  Government of Canada travel advice and advisories to determine the advisory level for your destination.

For travel to Level 1 (take normal security precautions) and Level 2 (exercise a high degree of caution) destinations, follow the regular process below. 

Travel to destinations identified as Level 3 (avoid non-essential travel) or Level 4 (avoid all travel) is considered high-risk by Waterloo and generally not allowed. You must consult with your supervisor and receive approval from the Provost through the approval procedure for high-risk travel.

Additionally, please review the Government of Canada travel health recommendations prior to travel.

Please reach out to Safety Abroad if you have any questions or concerns.