Safety abroad

*NEW* - Update on International Travel Safety and Security Provider

Beginning September 4, 2019, one of the resources available to University of Waterloo members as they prepare for, and execute, international travel, will change. Read our news item for further details. 

The safety and security of University of Waterloo students, staff, and faculty members when travelling abroad is a priority of Waterloo International.

Whether you are travelling for exchange, an internship, a field course, research, sabbatical, or other university business, Waterloo International will provide you with the knowledge and resources to mitigate risks and to experience peace of mind before, during, and after your trip.

Students, Faculty, Staff

Waterloo International has separated our travel safety services based on if you're a student, faculty member or staff member looking for information.  Please follow the appropriate link.

Students - exchange, internship, research, field course, conference, field work, etc.

Faculty and Staff members - sabbatical, research, university business, leading UW activity, conference, field work, exchange, etc.

*If you're a co-op student preparing for an international work term - please click here.