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Our commitment to global prominence and internationalization

At the University of Waterloo, we have set ourselves an exciting and ambitious goal:

to become one of the most internationalized universities in Canada.

To succeed, Waterloo International is committed to providing leadership and coordinating internationalization plans. With our support and through cooperation with faculties and other offices, Waterloo will offer more opportunities for student-focused international activities, including exchange, service learning, field programs and co-op employment. The university will grow its global research network and be recognized internationally for excellence in education, research and scholarship. Waterloo will embrace global viewpoints and experience, attracting a diverse and growing group of the best and brightest international students and faculty to its campuses.

That is our objective to be completed by 2018.

At Waterloo International, we believe that all international connections, whether they take place in another country or here at home, are essential for educating graduates ready to lead in the global economy. If you have questions related to internationalization or need assistance or support, we invite you to contact our knowledgeable staff.