Your co-op advisors

Your co-op advisor

Whether you’re looking for a job or on your work term, our team of co-op advisors is here to support you.

Before your first work term, you’ll be assigned to the Centre for Career Action’s team of career advisors who can help you search for your first co-op experience. Beyond supporting first-time co-op students, career advisors offer advice to ALL Waterloo students on career-related topics.

Once you’ve found your first co-op job, you’ll be assigned to a student advisor who will be your main point of contact during your work term and will be there to support you as you find your next co-op job. Student advisors are located all across Ontario (and elsewhere) to support students in different regions and have in-depth knowledge of the organizations and locations our students work in. Your student advisor might change based on where you're working, but you'll always have someone to support and advocate for you.

CCA career advisorsCCA career advisors (co-op)

When to contact: 

• Help finding your
first co-op job

• Help with applications
and interviews

• Career planning advice

• Further education planning

Student advisorsStudent advisors (co-op)

When to contact: 

• Questions about your
co-op job, once matched

• Questions or concerns
during your work term

• Help finding a place to live

• Help finding your next co-op

student holding a bookAcademic advisors (faculty/program)

When to contact:

• Questions about your academic program

• Questions about your co-op degree requirements

• Questions about your study/work sequence 

Connect with your co-op advisor via WaterlooWorks

If you need to get in touch with your co-op advisor, you can find their name listed next to "WTS" (or "Work Term Support") on your WaterlooWorks dashboard. Please note that it may take one to two business days to hear back from your co-op advisor after you reach out.

To contact the co-op advisor supporting you while looking for work:

  • Use the blue "Send a message" button at the top of your dashboard, or
  • Call the extension listed next to "WTS" on your WaterlooWorks dashboard (you may have to leave a message with your student number)

To contact the co-op advisor supporting you while on a work term:

  • Use the grey "Send a message to advisor" button under your work term record summary, or
  • Call the extension listed next to "WTS" within your work term record summary chart (you may have to leave a message with your student number)

Connect with your academic advisor

For a list of academic advisors by faculty, please see the following: