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Your advisor partners with you to reach your academic goal. They help you plan your unique program, assist you with developing realistic education goals, and are there to explain academic requirements and policies. 

As a student, your role in working with an advisor is to actively participate, use the Undergraduate Calendar to understand your academic requirements, accept ultimate responsibility for your success at UW. And most importantly, your job is to be open and honest your for advisor. 

  • meet with your academic advisor at least once a term
  • if you have questions, concerns, or ideas about your studies, contact your academic advisor
  • if you’re not doing as well as expected, see your academic advisor

Dial 519-888-4567 and then the extension number listed below.

Students in First Year, Liberal Studies, and Non-Degree or Post-Degree Studies:
Where are you registered? Advisor Office Extension
Arts International Exchange, Readmission, Concurrent Degree Eric Breugst PAS 2439 35870
First-Year Honours Arts, First-Year Arts and Business Co-op and Regular, Foundation Term, Independent Studies Devon Hutchinson PAS 2439 35870
Upper-Year (level 2A+) Arts and Business Co-op and Regular Kayla Lorentz PAS 2439 35870
Liberal Studies, New Upper-Year (level 2A+) Transfer Students, Extended Learning Sarah Robertson PAS 2439 35870
Internal Transfers, Non-Degree/Post-Degree, BASE Students Susan Andrews PAS 2439 35870
St Jerome's University: all programs/plans See St. Jerome's academic advisors
Renison University College

See Renison academic advisors

Students in majors or registered in one of the programs below:
Plan/Program Advisor Office Extension
School of Accounting and Finance Aziza Chaudhry HH 3156 36537
Anthropology Goetz Hoeppe PAS 2018 32553
Applied Language Studies Julia Williams REN 0217 28658
Church Music and Worship Kenneth Hull CGR 1106 24244
Classical Studies
(including Greek and Latin minors)
Christina Vester ML 230 32855
Cognitive Science Doreen Fraser HH 330 32780
Computing and Financial Management Tian Kou DC 2121 37033
Digital Arts Communication Ceylan Turkeri ML 119A 35808
East Asian Studies Judi Jewinski REN 1114 28645

Jessica DeBrouwer

Lutz-Alexander Busch

John Burbidge

Dinghai Xu (China 2+2 students)

HH 214

HH 127

HH 125

HH 201





English Jay Dolmage HH 224 31035
Environment and Economics minor Alain Nimubona HH 212 33949
Fine Arts Karin Staley ECH 1206 30372
French Studies Svetlana Kaminskaia ML 344 37893
German Paul Malone ML 213 33202
Global Business and Digital Arts Andrea West DMS 1007 23009
History Greta Kroeker HH 116 35010
Human Resources Management Nadine Quehl PAS 3008 36535
Human Sciences Kieran Bonner PAS 2047 38688
International Studies Anna Esselment HH 304 32190
Islam, Studies in Idrisa Pandit REN 0233A 28668
Italian Studies Gabriel Niccoli SJU 3007 28235
Jewish Studies Jim Diamond PAS 1051 33351
Legal Studies Rashmee Singh PAS 2060 33020
Management Studies Geoff Malleck HH 101 32654
Medieval Studies Steven Bednarski STJ 3010C 28276
Mennonite Studies Marlene Epp CGR 2124 24257
Music Maisie Sum CGR 1102 24219
Peace and Conflict Studies Rachel Reist CGR 2103B 24269
Philosophy Doreen Fraser HH 330 32780
Political Science Anna Esselment HH 304 32190
Psychology - Major Emily Mininger PAS 3007 37190
Psychology - Minor Nadine Quehl PAS 3008 36535
Religious Studies Jim Diamond PAS 1051 33351
Russian and East European Studies Paul Malone ML 213 33202
Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies John Arnou SJU 1008 28241
Social Development Studies See SDS Student Handbook and Advising

Sociology - Regular

Sociology - Co-op

Janice Aurini

Sarah Wilkins-Laflamme

PAS 2064

PAS 2027



Spanish and Latin American Studies Maria del Carmen Sillato ML 318 33606
Speech Communication Tim Paci ML 254B 38494
Theater and Performance (formerly Drama) Jennifer Roberts-Smith ML 119 35785
Women's Studies Shannon Dea HH 329 32778