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The Conversation is an independent, open access source of news and views from the academic and research community in Canada and around the world. This page offers a compilation of articles published in The Conversation by Waterloo Arts scholars.

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The AI arms race highlights the urgent need for responsible innovation

March 19, 2023
Marcel O'Gorman, University of Waterloo

Over the past decade, a number of companies, think tanks and institutions have developed responsible innovation initiatives to forecast and mitigate the negative consequences of tech development. But how successful have they been?

The limits of expert judgment: Lessons from social science forecasting during the pandemic

March 19, 2023
Igor Grossmann, University of Waterloo, Cendri Hutcherson, University of Toronto, Michael Varnum, Arizona State University

To find out how well social scientists can predict societal change, researchers ran the largest forecasting initiative in the field’s history. Here’s what they found.

As eligibility for MAID expands, the ethical implications of broad access to medically assisted death need a long, hard look

January 31, 2023
Andrew Stumpf, University of Waterloo

Since 2016, Canada’s practice of offering MAID has followed a trajectory of ever-expanding eligibility. The ultimate expansion would make MAID available to anyone who wanted it, for any reason.

The humanities should teach about how to make a better world, not just criticize the existing one

January 10 2023
Robert Danisch, University of Waterloo

To address declining humanities enrolments, these programs should ensure they offer more than critical theory for identifying and analyzing problems.