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The Conversation is an independent, open access source of news and views from the academic and research community in Canada and around the world. This page offers a compilation of articles published in The Conversation by Waterloo Arts scholars.


Social assistance cuts are contributing to high rates of HIV, syphilis in Saskatchewan

June 14, 2022
Alana Cattapan, University of Waterloo and Holly Ann McKenzie, University of Saskatchewan

Youth-oriented comics with LGBTQ+ positive characters are busting binaries

May 16, 2022
J. Andrew Deman, University of Waterloo

Strong queer representation in young adult comics can have a significant positive impact on the well-being of queer-identified or questioning youth.

Why Doug Ford will once again win the Ontario election

Pope Francis’s apology for residential schools doesn’t acknowledge institutional responsibility

April 1, 2022
Jeremy M. Bergen, University of Waterloo

As a theologian who studies church apologies for historical wrongs, I understand why the Pope was moved to speak this week, but I hope this was not his definitive apology.

Corporate taxes can be good for shareholders: Why some actually want their companies to pay tax

March 6, 2022
Andrew Bauer, University of Waterloo

Incentives, like shareholder credits for corporate taxes paid, mean that shareholders want their corporations to pay taxes.

7 ways to spot polarizing language — how to choose responsibly what to amplify online or in-person

If we learn how to disengage from communication circuits that lay the groundwork for fear and aggression, we have a better chance of managing conflict constructively.

Protecting infrastructure from the ‘freedom convoy’ could forever silence legitimate dissent

February 15, 2022
Philip Boyle, University of Waterloo

Racialized and marginalized populations whose protest movements are already subject to ongoing forms of monitoring, infiltration and pre-emptive police action are at risk from the convoy crisis.

Canada should be preparing for the end of American democracy

February 13, 2022
Robert Danisch, University of Waterloo

With the apparent slide towards authoritarianism in the U.S., Canada must be ready and able to defend and champion our democracy.

People should be allowed to visit, say goodbye to those who are dying during COVID-19

February 1, 2022
Susan Cadell, University of Waterloo; Ashley Doyle, University of Waterloo; Kathy Kortes-Miller, Lakehead University, and Sunita Lad, University of Waterloo

Our health-care system needs to respond in a more just, inclusive, caring and timely way to allow in-person final goodbyes from those who matter most to those at the end of life.

How modern witches are enchanting TikTok

January 19, 2022
Chris Miller, University of Waterloo

Whether someone is scrolling mindlessly or actively conducting research, WitchTok connects witches to their practices and community.