English Language Proficiency Program

Students who began their studies in Fall 2018 or later should see Arts First.

For Arts students who began their studies in Spring 2018 or earlier:

As an Arts student, you must complete the English Language Proficiency Requirement (ELPR) as part of your degree. You must complete this requirement by the end of your second year. 

How do you complete this? By taking one of a list of courses designed to give you the English writing skills you need for success in university.

  • If you are in first year Honours Arts, Arts and Business, and Social Development Studies, you take an English course designed to prepare you for university writing. This course is added to your schedule for you and satisfies the ELPR if you achieve a grade of at least 65.
  • If you are an upper-year student or a transfer student, you are strongly encouraged to take a writing intensive course. 
  • Achieving a grade of 65 or higher in one of the following courses will satisfy the ELPR: ENGL 109ENGL 129RENGL 140REMLS 102REMLS 129R.

The ELPE, a diagnostic writing exam, is no longer offered. The last exam session was held in April 2019.

Why is there an ELPE hold on my Quest account?

A hold may be placed on your Quest account preventing you from adding or dropping courses if you don't complete the ELPR by the end of your 2B term.

If this degree requirement has not been met by the end of your 2B term, the Faculty of Arts may block future course additions/drops until you have made an approved arrangement to complete the ELPR. To do so, please contact the Arts Undergraduate Office.

Ultimately, if you don't achieve your English Language Proficiency Milestone, you can't graduate – but there is time to get this sorted out before then!

I don't think I have to complete the ELPR.

All University of Waterloo students must complete the ELPR regardless of age, educational background, past language tests, previous degrees at any level, or any other English language testing tools completed in the past. There are no exemptions. Transfer credits cannot be used to satisfy the English Language Proficiency Requirement.