Funding and awards

We know that for many students paying for university isn't easy. We're committed to making sure that a lack of money doesn't get in the way of your success at University of Waterloo. We'll work with you to help you find ways to fund your education.

President's Scholarship of Distinction

Students admitted to UWaterloo with an admission average of 95% or above, receive a one-time, $2,000 entrance scholarship. If the student completes first-year with a minimum cumulative average of 80%, he/she is eligible to claim a $1,500 International Experience Award and/or a $1,500 Research Award at any point from 2A to 4B. The experience must occur before completion of the undergraduate program. In order to qualify for these awards, the student must have:

  • an 80% overall average at the end of 1B (79.5% + to be rounded up to 80%). The student is able to claim the awards at any point between 2A and 4B, regardless of their overall average beyond 2A.
  • students must meet any academic prerequisites for participation in international or research experiences, as outlined by his/her Faculty.

For information on how to claim this award, please see International Experience Award and Research Award or view the list of available research assistant positions in Arts.

Completed award application forms must be submitted to the Arts Undergraduate Office, PAS 2439.

Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Student Experiential Learning Fund

Awards of varying size (up to $1,500) are available to undergraduate students registered in the Faculty of Arts who wish to participate in an extra-curricular activity that will enhance their education in their program or experiential activity tied to a course where the cost is not covered by their tuition. Selection will be based on academic achievement (a minimum cumulative average of 70% is required) and a demonstration of how the activity will benefit the student’s knowledge acquisition or professional development, or enrich their in-class learning. An application form is required. Applications will be accepted throughout the year.

Guarantee of financial support

The University guarantees to fund unmet need as defined by the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) or a student assistance program from another Canadian province.

The University aspires to identify students in need and ensure that all eligible students admitted to full-time undergraduate programs have the financial assistance necessary to complete their studies. Students are required to seek financial support from all sources, including family, employment, government support programs and loans.

The University determines unmet need (as defined by OSAP) by using OSAP allowable costs minus the student's expected resources. Where other provincial jurisdictions use institutional bursaries as a resource, the University is not in a position to provide further bursary assistance to replace/repay loan overpayments.