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Declare your major

​Honours Arts and Honours Arts and Business students should declare their major BEFORE the end of their 1B term in most cases. 

You will be declaring your major before your Winter term ends, and therefore before your grades are final. This is normal!

Complete Four Steps to Declare Your Major

STEP 1: Attend the Department Information Session for EVERY major that interests you to get specific questions answered about your major(s). [View the Department information session schedule]

STEP 2: Attend a Declare a Major Party drop-in session

  • At these sessions you can sit down with an Advisor to fill out the on-line declare a major form together.
  • Get your questions answered and make sure you fill the form out correctly.
  • Talk with upper-year students to get insight from them on their majors, co-op, and ways to get involved in the Faculty.
  • [View the Party schedule]

STEP 3: Complete the declare your major on-line form by Wed. March 28 once you're sure what you want to do.

  • Come to one of the Declare a Major Parties to access and fill out the form.
  • You MUST complete this form by Wed. March 28.

The DEADLINE to complete the on-line form has passed and the online form is now closed. If you missed this deadline, please complete a Plan Modification form, and submit it to the Arts Undergraduate Office in PAS 2439. 

STEP 4: Add your Fall 2018 classes on-line on Quest between May 23 - 28 based on the major you are applying to.

Add courses for Fall 2018 by following the requirements, listed by major, on these charts: