Co-op eligibility

Arts co-op plans start in your 2A study term, after 1B. The majority of 2A terms take place in the fall. To be eligible for co-op, you must have:

  • A minimum of 1 course (0.5 unit) or 2 courses (1.0 units) completed in your major
  • An average of at least 70% in your major (see notes 1 and 2).
  • An average of at least 60% overall (cumulative)
  • A minimum of 8 courses (4.0 units) completed prior to admission to co-op
  • A maximum of 13 courses (6.5 units) completed prior to admission to co-op

Sometimes a student may need to start 2A in the winter term. Please discuss this situation with your intended major or program advisor, as you may need to create a plan, including the submission of an approved sequence change. It is ideal for you to declare your major before the start of your 2A term. If you are not eligible to major in one of the discipline majors, Honours Liberal Studies may be a major option. Students intending to major in Psychology, please see note 4.

Note 1: Students in Honours Arts and Business also need at least a 70% average in their Honours Arts and Business courses.

Note 2: Students requesting the Honours Liberal Studies plan require at least a 70% major average calculated from the cumulative average of Faculty of Arts average.

Note 3: Students who transfer into the Faculty of Arts from another Waterloo Faculty, or another post-secondary institution, may be ineligible for admission to an Arts co-op plan based on how many academic units have been completed previously and how many (if any) co-op work terms they've previously completed. Students are encouraged to clarify their eligibility with their academic advisor as part of the process of transferring to Arts.

Note 4: Students wanting to major in Psychology with co-op, must begin 2A in the fall term. If you need to discuss other start options, please check in with the Psychology advisor.