About Arts

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The Faculty of Arts is home to the most diverse range of programs and research at Canada’s most innovative university.

Smart, creative, enterprising students

Across our programs and in every sector, you will find Waterloo Arts students and graduates who are engaged citizens, agile thinkers, and enterprising workers. A Waterloo Arts education cultivates a student's capacity to think, analyze, imagine and communicate.

Undergraduates enhance their academics and major area of study with skills developed through integrated programs such as co-op employment, study abroad, field work, and career-focused minors.

Graduate students work at the cutting edge of their disciplines while also learning professional and applied skills to ensure their expertise can serve both inside and outside academia.

Award-winning teachers and researchers

Tackling some of the most critical issues of our time, Arts professors make meaningful and tangible contributions to public policy, mental health, business accountability, civil liberties, cultural expression, and creative communication - to name just a few areas of impact.

As both teachers and researchers, our faculty members are well recognized with awards and honours. Arts professors lead in the University of Waterloo's Distinguished Teacher Awards among the six faculties. They hold major academic honours and fellowships such as the Killam Prize, Molson Prize, Trudeau Foundation Fellowships, memberships in the Royal Society of Canada, and numerous research chair positions.

Professors in Waterloo Arts are deeply committed to their students and to sharing their scholarship for strong, inclusive and successful societies in Canada and beyond.