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Arts entry programs

Honours Arts
Bachelor of Arts
Similar to Honours Arts and Business, you choose from 28 different majors, but you have the opportunity to dive deeper into topics of interest and/or take more electives.

Honours Arts and Business
Bachelor of Arts
Enrich your Honours Arts degree in one of 28 majors, with a set of practical business skills, in areas such as: marketing, entrepreneurship, communication and leadership. You'll spend about a third of your time taking business courses. 

Global Business and Digital Arts
Bachelor of Global Business and Digital Arts
Lead business into the future using digital media. Study cross-cultural communication, emerging technologies, and global economies.

Social Development Studies
Bachelor of Arts
Take courses in psychology, sociology, and social work to prepare for careers in education, counselling, social work, public service, or human resources. (note: this major is also available through Honours Arts or Arts and Business)

Accounting and Financial Management
Bachelor of Accounting and Financial Management
Launch a lucrative professional career by blending your strengths in both accounting and finance to become a double threat in the world of finance, business, and public practice.

Computing and Financial Management
Bachelor of Computing and Financial Management
Learn to use technology to solve financial problems more efficiently and effectively.

Sustainability and Financial Management
Bachelor of Sustainability and Financial Management
Become a finance expert who can link our natural systems and social impacts to financial outcomes. As a Sustainability and Financial Management (SFM) graduate, you’ll incorporate people, profits, and the planet into the bottom line while evolving environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) reporting to lead organizations toward a greener world.

Online learning

Pursue a Bachelor of Arts general degree completely online for several majors. We also offer the largest selection of online courses on campus.
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