Sustainability and Financial Management

Sustainability is Our Future

Take charge of your future as a business, accounting and finance professional. In a world that demands sustainable practices, it’s time to rise to the occasion. The Sustainability and Financial Management (SFM) program is your gateway to success in this rapidly evolving landscape. Acquire premier accounting and finance expertise from the School of Accounting and Finance, enriched with sustainability from Canada’s largest Faculty of Environment, a leader in sustainable business education for over two decades.

SFM prepares you to navigate the challenges of a world where profitability and responsibility go hand in hand. Join SFM and together we’ll shape the future of business while positively impacting the environment and society.

Program Highlights

  • Premier education fusion: SFM has transformed accounting and finance education by seamlessly integrating sustainability concepts into every aspect of its curriculum.  Elevate your accounting and finance knowledge with a premier education from the School of Accounting and Finance, infused with sustainability expertise from the faculty of Environment.

  • Sought-after skills: SFM students are in such high demand that first-year students are attracting Big Four firms and top-tier employers.
  • Real-world experience: While coursework builds your knowledge, nothing accelerates your professional development like real-world experience. Dive into four 4-month paid co-op work terms for an impressive 16-months of hands-on experience. Plus, earn on average $10,500 to over $18,000 CAD per co-op work term.
  • Two professional designations: SFM fast-tracks your path to becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant or Chartered Financial Analyst in as little as five years, launching you into a successful career. 
  • Unlock your network: Explore a world of opportunities by connecting with industry leaders, esteemed alumni and your fellow students at our diverse networking events. In the SFM program, it's more than just acquiring knowledge – it's about building essential connections that unlock doors to exciting co-op positions, mentorship opportunities, and job prospects.
  • One-of-a-kind in Canada: SFM stands out as the sole undergraduate program of its kind in the country, providing an unmatched and distinctive educational experience.
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SFM Courses

Embark on an academic journey blending accounting, finance, business and sustainability courses. Our degree extends beyond traditional financial studies, focusing on the impact of financial decisions on people and the environment. Acquire skills to make decisions in accounting and finance that contribute to a brighter, more sustainable future.

Review your Sustainability and Financial Management courses.

Sample SFM courses

  • AFM 102 - Introduction to Managerial Accounting 
  • AFM 121 - Introduction to Global Financial Markets
  • GEOG 207 - Climate Change Fundamentals 

Career Specializations

Stand out and get ready for the future with career specializations. After building a strong foundation in accounting, finance, business and sustainability in the first two years, you'll personalize your degree in Years 3 and 4 by selecting one of the following career specializations.

  • Corporate Sustainability Specialization
  • Government Policy and Financial Markets Specialization
  • Indigenous Entrepreneurship 

Student and Employer Perspective

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Brandon Weekes, Deloitte Partner, and Jaiden V., SFM student, delve into key business influencers and their impact on aspiring business, accounting, and finance professionals.

Student Perspective

Discover career opportunities for each of the specializations in SFM by someone who knows the program: Ethan, a current student.

Co-op Experience

Maximize your education through the power of co-op. Alternate between academic study and paid co-op work terms that equip you with the tools and insights needed to succeed in the ever-evolving landscape of accounting and financial management.

Discover recent examples of co-op positions secured by SFM students:

  1. Asset strategy co-op at a leading utility company: Collaborate closely with the Tax team to identify process enhancements, contribute to tax provision preparation, and assist in the development and documentation of departmental projects and procedures.
  2. ESG student at a global asset management firm: Partner with the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) team to drive advancements in ESG performance across various business operations. Responsibilities include compiling ESG data, monitoring performance metrics, and researching sustainability best practices.
  3. Sustainable investing at a prominent pension plan: Aid in formulating and executing the plan's sustainable investment strategy, with a focus on critical ESG issues like climate change and equity diversity. Tasks encompass conducting in-depth research on ESG focal points, analyzing company data, and supporting reporting endeavours.

Diverse roles like these provide unparalleled opportunities to gain expertise in areas ranging from tax strategy to environmental sustainability to investment management, laying a solid foundation for your future within the financial sector.

Review additional co-op positions available to SFM students in public accounting, finance, business/industry and government/non-profits.

After Graduation

Your career journey is shaped by your passions. Consider utilizing your expertise in environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) to guide organizations towards a more sustainable future. Alternatively, you might explore further education through completing SAF’s Master of Accounting (MAcc) program.

Potential career avenues include:

  • Environmental Accountant
  • Financial Consultant
  • Sustainability Analyst
  • ESG Analyst
  • Trade and Anti-Dumping Programs
  • Internal Auditor

SFM is geared toward preparing you for the career you've always envisioned. Explore the accomplishments of our graduates and delve into our Alumni Success Stories.

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