The SAF Admissions Assessment (SAFAA) is a required online assessment (additional fee required) that AFM and SFM applicants complete after submission of their application. Students applying to both AFM and SFM are only required to pay and complete the SAFAA once. 

The SAFAA consists of two parts, both of which are completed online:

  1. Interview (part 1) – You will respond verbally to three recorded interview questions to allow us to assess your ability to communicate appropriately in a clear, concise, organize, and professional manner.  In addition, there are three questions which require written responses from you to declare your submissions are your own work, to help us assess your eligibility for scholarships, and to provide information regarding repeated courses. The SAFAA Interview questions are available in advance.
  2. Trait Assessment (part 2) – You will respond to a 78-question survey to assess your potential in the areas of leadership, collaboration, adaptability and problem solving.

AFM and SFM applicants will receive a "Next Steps" email regarding the SAFAA starting in late November. Please allow for one to two weeks after you apply to AFM or SFM via OUAC to receive the "Next Steps" email.

The deadline to complete and submit the SAFAA (part 1 and 2) for early offer consideration is January 12 - 16, 2024. If you miss the deadline, complete the SAFAA between February 12 - 16, 2024 to be considered for rolling offers (March - May)

What we look for:

  1. Communication ability - Can you demonstrate: 
    1. Passion in your response
    2. Engagement with your audience
    3. Authenticity in your response and mannerisms
    4. Articulation in your response
    5. Advocacy for a position within the AFM program
  2. Diversity in experience - Can you learn from your peers and teachers and apply it to your learning strategies

Remember: Use the same email address you used when applying to AFM or SFM when registering for the Kira online Interview and the Trait Assessment. 

You will receive an email from Kira Academic confirming receipt of your online Interview. For the Trait Assessment, you will not receive an email.  Instead, you will see a confirmation screen once you complete your submission.  Please save the Kira Academic email and do a screen print of the Trait Assessment confirmation, to keep for your own records.