Repeated and Non-Day School Courses

Applicants will be asked to provide an explanation(s) pertaining to any repeated courses, courses taken outside of your normal day school, and/or extenuating circumstances that may have affected your academic performance.

Courses outside of your regular day school

We do not penalize students for taking courses outside of regular day school, so long as they are not repeated attempts. However, we discourage this practice.

Admission is competitive, and our goal is to admit students who have the right preparation to be successful in a rigorous full-time professional program, not simply those with the best grades. Taking all courses through your regular day school provides the best preparation for success in university studies.

Repeated courses

Due to a high level of competition, we strive to make our admission process as fair and unbiased as possible. Repeating courses in order to improve your average provides an unfair advantage, as compared to students who achieve high marks in their first attempts.

For this reason, repeating courses may result in a reduction of your overall admission score, which may also impact your eligibility for scholarships. On your SAFAA, you will be required to provide an explanation for any repeated Grade 12 subjects. Exceptional or extenuating circumstances will be reviewed for an exemption from the penalty.

Extenuating circumstances

We understand if there have been extenuating circumstances that are out of your control that may have affected your marks. Provide us with an explanation of the situation/circumstance that had affected your most recent academic year. Note that if you don’t tell us, we can’t take it into consideration during your application review.