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For over 30 years, the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) has been launching business leaders of the world. We provide an education where experience matters.

All of our programs provide students with the technical, analytical, evaluative, and communication skills needed to prepare for successful careers in public accounting, finance, industry, government and not-for-profit sectors.


Our undergraduate programs:


Our graduate programs:

CPA logoSAF has received the highest level of national accreditation under the Chartered Professional Accountancy (CPA) National Accreditation Standards. The SAF's national accreditation provides customized pathways for SAF students to tailor their education for a direct route to the CPA designation.

Students in AFM, Math/CPA, and Biotech/CPA can combine their undergraduate studies with the MAcc graduate program to move directly to the CPA Common Final Exam (CFE) after graduation.

CFA University Affiliation ProgramThe SAF's AFM and CFM programs are recognized under the CFA University Affiliation Program. AFM and CFM students will receive advanced preparation to challenge the 3 CFA accreditation exams as early as Year 4 of their program.

  1. Dec. 10, 2019SAF Grads Continue to Achieve!

    SAF Grads Continue to Achieve!

    We are happy to advise that the CBV Institute’s 2019 Membership Qualification Exam (MQE) went off without a hitch this past September and its results were recently announced.   It gives us great pleasure to share the list of SAF grads below who represent over 9% of this year’s successful candidates.

  2. Oct. 7, 2019SAF increases its transformative research with three new faculty appointments

    SAF increases its tranformative research with three new faculty appointments

    The School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) attracts talent…not just stellar, high achieving students to our programs, but internationally reputed professors. The SAF welcomed Alec Cram (PhD Queen’s), Elizabeth Demers (PhD Stanford), and Neal Stoughton (PhD Stanford) this past September into our faculty compliment. Alec, Liz, and Neal joins a community of boundary-pushing thinkers who continually challenge the status quo to evolve and transform the accounting and finance professions. 

  3. Oct. 7, 2019Management Accounting Section - Early Career Research Award

    Setting the benchmark early in thought leadership

    Fundamentally, we all have to work to fund our current lifestyles. However, if we weren’t paid to work, would we want to continue to work? This question, and the bigger question of how do we motivate employees to perform? is the focus of Adam Presslee’s (PhD ’14, CPA, CA) research. “I am fascinated by the various factors that can affect employee motivation.”

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  1. Dec. 23, 2019Student Venture Fund Haiku

    Student Venture Fund

    Graced by Feridun in class

    Last year in review

    Six new companies

    Many thousands of dollars

    What will he think now?

    Industry events

    Conferences and partnerships

    What will he think now?

    Cross-faculty work

  2. Dec. 23, 2019Hellen Xia judging the 2019 Concept $5K semi-finals

    The first time I served as a judge at the Velocity (now Concept) $5K semi-finals was winter 2019. As I observed presenters rehearing their pitches prior to the start of the event, I recall saying to myself that I was likely just as nervous as the presenters, if not more so. The other judges on the panel were all founders of their own start-ups, and I was petrified of having no feedback to provide or providing feedback that the presenters did not find helpful.

  3. Dec. 23, 2019David Zhao's road to Concept $5K

    When I first entered AFM, I really had no idea what I wanted to get out of it. I’ve always been a poor long-term planner, so for first year, my goals were – find a job, do well in courses, and have a good time.

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Adam Presslee

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