Fellowship Program

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About the Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program, established in 2003, has proved to be a game-changer. The program invites SAF alumni and selected students to participate in a unique four-year relationship that benefits the participants as well as the accounting and finance professions.

The program produces outstanding leaders and future professionals by providing students with opportunities to grow and develop. Selected from each incoming AFM and SFM class, Fellows receive specialized training, work experience, and the added benefit of financial compensation. Fellows are named after an Honouree - an alumnus who exemplifies the spirit of the AFM and SFM programs. Honourees can be a living example of a successful career, provide guidance, or offer advice to his/her Fellow.

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The Fellowship Program has given me the opportunity to partake in various roles to give back to the SAF community, meet new people, and develop my skills throughout my undergraduate career.

Manav Kapoor (BAFM '13, MAcc '13)

Participation in the Fellowship Program

Fellows (Students)

Students participating in the Fellowship Program (Fellows) inform Honourees about what they are learning in their classes and co-op jobs, and where their interests, abilities and passions lie. Fellows keep the title for the duration of their undergraduate studies and must maintain a high standard of academic excellence.

Fellows begin to hone their communication and leadership skills by being role models among their peers and getting specialized training. In years three and four, they complement their classroom and co-op learning experiences by serving as:

  • Teaching Assistants
  • Research Assistants
  • Ambassadors
  • SAF Representatives
  • Mentors or Peer Leaders
  • Special Project Assistants

These experiences enhance their credibility and confidence, and serve as the foundation for success in their future careers.


Students in the Fellowship Program:

  • Receive financial support of up to $9,000 over 4 years of the undergraduate program.
  • Gain professional development through specialized workshops, seminars, and Leadership and Ambassador training.
  • Build their résumé with roles as a teaching assistant and research assistant
  • Get involved in special projects, peer leadership, and the academic support sessions.
  • Be recognized as an outstanding AFM or SFM student through the SAF Awards Night.


Students maintaining the Fellowship:

  • Keep up grades of 80% or above in their cumulative overall average and their cumulative major average.
  • Participate in SAF events and Fellowship Program sessions as an active member of the Fellowship Program.
  • Uphold professional behaviour in- and outside of the classroom.
  • Remain in the AFM or SFM program with a full course load and successfully complete work terms and work-term reflections.
  • Fulfill their Fellowship Program task assignments including the participation in SAF Outreach and Ambassador Program (SOAP).

Honourees (Alumni)

Fellowships are named after distinguished SAF alumni (Honourees) who exemplify what can be accomplished in a professional career.

Honourees are nominated by their Waterloo classmates, colleagues, or SAF members. Each Honouree is matched with a student, and their relationship continues for the duration of the student’s undergraduate career at Waterloo.

Honourees offer mentoring, conversation, inspiration. In the process they gain insight into what the current generation has to offer and the challenges they face. Want to nominate someone to be an Honouree? Contact our SAF Alumni Team.

The Fellow-Honouree Relationship

Honourees and Fellows maintain and deepen their connection, and shape their relationship, in many ways, including these:

  • Exchanging e-mails
    • Fellows update Honourees about academic terms and co-op roles, sharing highlights and stories of professional development.
    • Honourees ask about their job hunt and about how their courses are going, and can give advice about career paths.
  • Meeting for coffee
    • Geography determines how and when to meet in person.
  • Participating in office tours
    • These tours give Fellows a chance to see a real-life professional environment and to be introduced to the Honouree’s colleagues, extending the Fellow’s professional network.
  • Sharing advice and wisdom
    • Fellows receive guidance on how to navigate career choices and educational goals.
    • Honourees get an opportunity to reflect on and make use of their own experiences.
  • Getting together at the annual SAF Awards Dinner
    • The SAF Awards Celebration brings together the entire SAF community to celebrate our distinguished alumni Honourees and student Fellows in the Fellowship program, as well as scholarship and Alumni Award recipients and supporters.
    • Fellows and Honourees have a good opportunity to enhance their personal connection.

Applying to the Fellowship Program

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The Fellowship Program Committee is looking to have a group of students in the Fellowship Program that represents about 10% of their total class size. 

Committee members will fill the Fellowship Program placements for a class  with students at the beginning of Year 2, after students have had a chance to prove themselves as engaged AFM/SFM students.

Interviews for Year 2 students selected for Fellowship interview will take place on Thursday, September 7, 2023

Applying as a current AFM or SFM student

Students will be made aware of the opportunity to apply for Year 2 Fellowships through emails and postings on LEARN.

The deadline for application is Monday, July 3th, 2023 at 11:59 PM.

Interviews for Year 2 Fellows will take place on Thursday, September 7, 2023, working with the students' schedules.

Year 2 Fellowship recipients are selected based on:

  • academic performance,
  • demonstrated leadership qualities,
  • involvement in extracurricular or volunteer activities,
  • enthusiasm for the opportunities that the Fellowship Program has to offer and commitment to participating in those opportunities.

To assess these attributes, the SAF takes into consideration:

  • A letter of intent
  • An unofficial transcript of marks showing the student’s academic performance at UW (minimum cumulative overall average of 80% and cumulative major average of 80%),
  • Your CV or resume, and
  • 1-3 letters of reference with at least one coming from an SAF faculty or staff
    NOTE: these letters must be submitted directly to Lynn Graham.

From these documents it is determined which students will be offered an interview for the Fellowship Program and the outcome of the interview will be the deciding factor.