Student support

If you're wanting to move to the next level in your academic success, you are encouraged to take advantage of the coaching resources available. A dedicated School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) team is here to support and coach you in order to help you maximize your learning potential.

Success coach


David Logan

Dave Logan, your academic success coach, emphasizes individualized success planning. Like athletes, professional students can benefit from coaching to take your academic performance to the next level. Dave Logan is a qualified professional who can provide confidential counseling to help with personal concerns, academic success, and approaches to studies and exams.

Advisor, Co-op and Experiential Learning

Lynn Graham

Lynn Graham
Advisor, Co-op and Experiential Learning
519-888-4567 x 47775
HH 3166

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Academic advising

Our SAF academic advisors offer academic guidance and personal support, helping you throughout your time in university. If you have questions about your degree, co-op sequence, university policies, campus resources, or don't know who to reach out for support, academic advising is a great step forward.

Before reaching out to an advisor, you can review your degree requirements, use our course planning tool, and familiarize yourself with academic regulations for SAF students.

Financial support

As a SAF student there are many scholarships available to you; in fact, 99% of SAF students receive at least one entrance scholarship. We've compiled information and tools for you to manage your tuition fees and apply for scholarships and student financing.

In partnership with our Young Tax Professionals program, SAF has also put together some tax information tailored to university students.