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Campus Wellness is here to help all students at the University of Waterloo. Our professionals provide primary medical care and mental health services using an inclusive, connected, and collaborative approach.

You can find the Health Services building across from the Student Life Centre (SLC) or by calling 519-888-4096. You can find Counselling Services at Needles Hall North, 2nd floor or by calling 519-888-4567 ext. 32655. See our Hours page for more information about specific service hours.

rainbow flagOur offices are a place where human rights are respected and where LGBTQ+ people, and their friends and allies, are welcome and supported.

  1. Apr. 8, 2019Staff and Faculty registrations for Mental Health Training now on Workdayworkday logo

    Staff and faculty registrations for mental health training are moving from LEADS to Workday. This means that Mental Health Training you've completed as a staff or faculty member will now be credited to your learning history record.

    You can find the Campus Wellness mental health training offerings in the Health and Safety category. To view upcoming dates, visit our Mental Health Training webpage.

  2. Apr. 15, 2019Reminder: Campus Wellness locations are closed on Friday, April 19

    Campus Wellness locations (including Health Services and Counselling Services) will be closed for the Good Friday stat holiday (April 19). Our offices will reopen on Monday, April 22, 2019 at 8:30 a.m.
    If you experience a medical emergency or mental health crisis during the holiday, please refer to the following emergency services and contacts:

    General emergency contacts

    • UW Police 519-888-4567 ext 22222
    • or 9-1-1

    Hospital information

  3. Apr. 2, 2019Exams stressing you out? BounceBack has you covered BounceBack Ontario  - Learn how to de-stress and solve your challenges during midterms with our free online video program

    As students prepare for exams, CMHA Ontario is reminding them to keep mental health in mind with some quick stress-management tips. Those struggling with low mood or anxiety can turn to CMHA Ontario’s free skill-building program BounceBack®: Reclaim your health to learn how to deal with stress, being overwhelmed, and more. Through BounceBack, adults and youth 15+ learn skills to help manage worry and anxiety, combat unhelpful thinking and become more active and assertive.

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  1. Apr. 29, 2019QPR Mental Health TrainingNotebook with pencil

    This training teaches students, staff, and faculty how to recognize and support someone who may be having thoughts of suicide. QPR is an education and awareness program that provides direction as to how to Question a person with thoughts of suicide, how to Persuade them to get help, and how to Refer the person to appropriate professional resources.

  2. May 8, 2019Coping Skills Seminar - Challenging ThinkingCoping Skills Seminars - uwaterloo.ca/campus-wellness

    Understand the automatic feedback loop; identify three states of the mind; learn how to identify unhelpful thinking patterns; learn the 10 common errors in thinking, challenge and modify unhelpful thoughts; think in a more balanced way; and relax using mindfulness strategies.

    Register on LEADS.

  3. May 13, 2019Coping Skills Seminar - Thriving With EmotionsCoping Skills Seminar - uwaterloo.ca/campus-wellness

    Learn the five core emotions and their functions; the importance of cultivating happiness and how to increase it; how to identify emotional triggers; how to regulate emotions with distress tolerance, self-soothing and improving the moment strategies; how to increase enjoyable activities; and how to relax using guided imagery visualization.

    Register on LEADS.

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  1. Apr. 16, 2019Resiliency SkillsPlant growing out of a street

    We all experience times in our lives where we face challenges and difficulties, especially as a student. We are often told to ‘Be strong,’ or ‘Be more resilient’ when going through these times.

  2. Apr. 9, 2019App and Podcast Reviews: Wehl – A Social Community for Wellness & Meditation PodcastWehl Screens


    Wehl is a mobile friendly social media community for your wellness. “It’s a place to be inspired, inspire others and spread good.”

  3. Apr. 2, 2019Meditation for Busy PeopleBalanced Rocks

    Meditation and practising mindfulness can help you when you are in or approaching stressful situations such as exams. Carving time out of your day to calm your mind has numerous potential benefits such as stress reduction, increased self-awareness, promotes emotional health and many more.

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