Welcome to Campus Wellness

Campus Wellness is here to help all students at the University of Waterloo. Our professionals provide primary medical care and mental health services using an inclusive, connected, and collaborative approach.

You can find the Health Services building across from the Student Life Centre (SLC) or by calling 519-888-4096. You can find Counselling Services at Needles Hall North, 2nd floor or by calling 519-888-4567 ext. 32655. See our Hours page for more information about specific service hours.

rainbow flagOur offices are a place where human rights are respected and where LGBTQ+ people, and their friends and allies, are welcome and supported.

  1. Dec. 13, 2019Reminder: Campus Wellness locations will be closed for the holiday break

    Campus Wellness locations (including Health Services and Counselling Services) will be closed for the holiday break (December 24, 2019 to January 1, 2020). Our offices will reopen on Thursday, January 2, 2020 at 8:30 a.m.
    If you experience a medical emergency or mental health crisis during the holiday, please refer to the following emergency services and contacts:

    General emergency contacts

  2. Dec. 12, 2019Teaching to Make an Impact
    students talking

    The importance of health and wellness in the classroom is something Cealan Wang works hard to achieve. Wang, recipient of the Amit and Meena Chakma Award for Exceptional Teaching by a Student (2019), knows that creating a healthy and engaging learning environment goes beyond simply giving information.

  3. Oct. 31, 2019Counselling Service Review 2019

    As per Recommendation #27 (Review Staffing Practices and Plans) of the PAC-SMH, Counselling Services has undergone an external review. The external review was to determine whether a recent reorganization, as well as the existing on-call system has achieved its purpose. Download a summary of the results here (pdf).

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  1. Jan. 8, 2020Coping Skills Seminar - Challenging Thinking
    Coping Skills Seminars - uwaterloo.ca/campus-wellness

    Understand the automatic feedback loop; identify three states of the mind; learn how to identify unhelpful thinking patterns; learn the 10 common errors in thinking, challenge and modify unhelpful thoughts; think in a more balanced way; and relax using mindfulness strategies.

    Register on GoSignMeUp.

  2. Jan. 9, 2020 More Feet on the Ground Mental Health Training for Faculty and Staff

    This training consists of a facilitated discussion of the online More Feet on the Ground mental health education program. This program uses those online materials, as well as vignettes to teach students, staff, and faculty how to Recognize, Respond, and Refer individuals experiencing mental health problems on campus.

  3. Jan. 13, 2020QPR Mental Health Training for Students
    Book with pencil

    This training teaches students, staff, and faculty how to recognize and support someone who may be having thoughts of suicide. QPR is an education and awareness program that provides direction as to how to Question a person with thoughts of suicide, how to Persuade them to get help, and how to Refer the person to appropriate professional resources.

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  1. Sep. 4, 2019UW Co-op Connection: Combatting Loneliness While on Co-op
    skiing students

    Marina Angel, a 3rd year co-op student, shares her story with loneliness on co-op and how she combated isolation. Loneliness is a common feeling for university students, and can affect your mental wellness and ability to cope in new environments. Learn more about Co-op Connection and how you can stay connected to campus.

  2. Aug. 28, 2019Welcome wellness into your new school year
    sitting in the grass

    Tips from Campus Wellness for leading a better-balanced lifestyle

  3. Aug. 14, 2019Our Family Health Clinic
    family in sunset

    One of the many services offered at UW’s Health Services is the Family Health Clinic. This clinic was created to support family members of registered University of Waterloo undergraduate and graduate students, visiting scholars, and post-doctorates. This clinic provides family members (parents, spouses, children) their primary health care (prenatal, well child, chronic illness management, urgent illness) so they are not left having to seek routine care provision through emergency rooms and walk-in clinics.

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