Academic Success

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For many students, finding academic success means reaching out to the supports and resources created with your best interest in mind.

One-size doesn’t fit all when it comes to academic support. Waterloo offers a variety of resources to match your unique learning style and needs. 

Maybe you want to try a few techniques on your own, and maybe you need the extra help with in-person or online support.

University can be hard, so know that both are totally okay and that you can change your mind as your needs change.

Academic Supports

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On-campus supports

It’s okay to ask for help to get your coursework and grades back on track. Start here:

Get help from a peer. Upper-year undergraduate and graduate students teach you key study skills and strategies.

Connect with a tutorGet help on a specific course, strengthen your study skills and learn new strategies.

Use the undergraduate library resources. Study spaces, books and journals, tools and expertise.

Use the graduate library resources. Hundreds of databases, tools and a curated collection of resources.

Get help with writing. Brainstorming, planning, writing, and revision in all disciplines.

Do you know or suspect you have a need that requires academic accommodations?

Portal Grade Calculator

Portal Grade Calculator will help you stay informed of your current standings in your classes. Calculate your overall GPA, a subset of your classes and explore different earned grade scenarios.

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Study the world

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Go Abroad

Step outside your comfort zone and expand your world view. We've got you covered here too.

  • Study abroad: Add some intercultural competence and other transferable skills while adding some adventure to your degree.
    • 100+ student exchange programs in more than 30 countries.
  • Earn a global experience certificate: Recognize your accomplishments in internationalization at home and abroad. 
    • Enhance intercultural interactions and develop language skills
  • Co-op abroad: Where adventure meets experience. Broaden your horizons, discover new interests and learn how to thrive outside your comfort zone.
    • 3,000+ work terms abroad in more than 60 countries

Come to Waterloo

Students from around the world come to the University of Waterloo on exchange or study abroad.

  • Attend Canada's most innovative university (for the past 27 years)
  • Have a unique international experience that's safe and supportive
  • Make friendships and have experiences that last a lifetime

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