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Are you ready to connect to the world?

To change the world, you have to know the world. Shake up your surroundings and internationalize your degree. Learn how an exchange, short-term program, or internship can be an opportunity for you to step outside of your comfort zone, expand your world view, and support the development of your intercultural competence and other transferable skills.

How do I apply?  

Explore the sections below to see what you should know as you research and prepare for your term(s) abroad. Be sure to keep the TravelGoose tool handy as you do your research! For any questions, feel free to contact us.

NEW: TravelGoose exchange tool

We understand that researching, applying and preparing for exchange can be a complex and involved process. That's why we collaborated with a talented group of UWaterloo design engineering students to develop TravelGoose!

TravelGoose is a tool designed to help simplify your research and preparation for exchange.

Note: TravelGoose is built on a macro-enabled Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xlsm). You may need to click on "Enable content" in the yellow pop-up bar when you open TravelGoose for the first time.

File download: This file is in a compressed format (.zip). To use the TravelGoose tool, you need to extract the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xlsm) from the zip file.


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Download the Go Abroad checklist:

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Contact us

Email a Global Learning Coordinator at studyabroad@uwaterloo.ca.

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Global Learning Coordinator

Asia, Australia and New Zealand

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Global Learning Coordinator

Europe and the Americas 


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